Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Surrendering to God- Our All

If you know me, you know I am a Southern girl. I was born and raised in a small county in Mississippi, the Southeast part to be exact. I never dreamed of actually living in a big city full time,maybe for a limited time,but not full time. I love lots of trees. I love open skies. I love quietness. I love the country. Creeks,rivers,ponds,fields of grass,and patches of flowers. I love the laid back,slow paced country life. Guess where I live? You guessed it, the city. A big,noisy,busy city. Ironic? Yes. Coincidence? No not at all.

It all started when I got married. The man I grew to love was training to be a Highway Patrolman in Alabama. We got to pick 3 counties to be relocated in after he graduated. We were only engaged at the time and really had no clue where we would be put. We just had to trust God would place us where He wanted us. Part of me wanted to move to the mountains of North Alabama and just start completely over. The other part of me wanted to just move across the state line to Mobile County, just 45 minutes from our hometown. I was a clueless young woman and had no idea what God would do in our lives. I felt it had to be something big,something huge,something extraordinary. By God's will, we were placed in Mobile County. We had no clue what a blessing this would be in many ways.

Our journey of surrender and faith began to unfold once we wed in December of 2006. We were not placed at our apartment by chance either. Our landlord has been used by God so much to bless us in big and small ways. I don't know if she knows that or not,but she's been a blessing. We long for the country again and to be close to family and friends. We long for our boys to know what we knew growing up. Endless days in the summer sun,cold winter nights building fires in the backyard. They haven't known that yet to the extent that we have. Not all is lost though.

Surrendering to God is not easy,ever. It always means dying to something you want or desire. But it also means God opening up doors you would have never seen if not giving up your desires. God has given us more than we could have ever asked for. He has worked in ways we would have never known. We have seen his provision countless times in big and small ways while living here. At times I want to scream. I want to just leave and move somewhere that would seem easy for us. Some days I want to have the "easy" life,as if any life is easy,but that is what we think as people. We think someone has it easier by seeing pictures on Facebook or reading their blogs. We all have trials,struggles, and problems we will face in life.

God knows what we desire as a family,but He knows what we need as a family. It says in Isaiah 55:7-9 that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We're still living in the city watching God do miracles. I am reading Pain Redeemed by Natasha Metzler,if you haven't checked our her site you really need too. A line that stuck with me from the book is this: Every miracle contains sorrow,for without pain there is no need for a miracle. But they also contain redemption. God is using my husband in many ways in his job. God is using us in our church. God is molding us and shaping us to what He wants right here in the city.

Even though we may not get everything we want,we can take refuge in the One who does know everything we need. He's our strong tower. He's our refuge. He's our very present help in times of trouble.

Where is God calling you too that maybe you don't want to go? It could be a physical place or a spiritual place in your walk.

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