Saturday, May 26, 2012

Embracing Where God Has Us

Wow, it's been quite some time that I have been able to write on my blog. I can't express how much I miss writing and reading other blogs. Right now it's a season I am in as a Mother and I have been embracing it. It's not been an easy journey,but it has been freeing.

We have been trying to seek out God's will for us as a family and it's been pretty bleak. We were really wanting to move back to our hometown as soon as we could,but nothing was really ever going to work. It would have taken us pushing and pulling to get it accomplished. So, the past couple of weeks we have given that up to God. If He ever wants us to move back,we will,but we will not pursue it any longer. We never had peace about a final decision on housing or a job for my husband. It's been so trying,yet I think it was because of our own accord. Isn't that just like us,humans? We push against God asking for His blessings,His presence with us,and His will,when He is saying you have my blessing,presence,and are in my will. I feel like we have been doing just as the Israelite people did throughout the book of Judges. We have complained about where God placed us and about things around us,when we have been so overly and abundantly blessed just where we are. I even made the statement to my oldest (who is now 4,YEAH, where has time gone?) that sometimes we don't like where God places us even though we are blessed there). Yeah, I know,I needed to take my own advice. About 2 weeks ago my husband shared with me his burden to start devotions for members of Law Enforcement here in the area. For those who do not know,he is a State Trooper here in Alabama where we live. He shared that burden with several other Officers of different branches of Law Enforcement and the response was a resounding,FINALLY! They all expressed the desire to be a part and to help in anyway. It would not take the place of church,but be more of a supplement along with church. We aren't sure how many we will have a year or a month. For anyone in Law Enforcement or knows anything about it, the hours are very similar to hospital hours. We have been seeking God on more direction. It would be mostly geared towards the Officers. My husband wants to call it 10-110, in Police lingo hot pursuit. He wants to express the need for a hot pursuit for God in our lives. So, please if you will be praying for us and with us. It's really amazing to see my husband want to move forward in this. He's not the most compassionate man on the earth and he realizes that and knows he needs to be more compassionate. We want God to direct our paths in this and get all the glory.

This will also lead to our next decision,to stay here and find a home. We still live in the apartments we were married in. It's getting a little small,as you can imagine. :) 3 boys and 2 adults in a 2 bedroom,1 bath,small apartment. Yeah. We will miss this place in ways and be so happy to have our own home in other ways. The first time I spoke with our landlord I knew this was our home when we were searching almost 7 years ago. She has been so good to us too. God has worked through her so much to bless us. God is so caring. We know God will guide us to our new home when it's His time. We are setting a timeline,but will go with God's hand. We don't want anything fancy or too new. We want to keep me at home raising our boys and being able to home school them. It's exciting and scary,as some of you know. We want to be able to use our home for His glory. I have always dreamed of ministering in our home and this is just what we would do. It would open doors for us that we can't even imagine. We're so excited! We are on our guard though,because  the devil is waiting for the time to discourage or destroy our vision. It's so wonderful when we let go of what we want and just go with what God wants. We still would LOVE to be closer to our families,but wherever God leads us we will follow. I cannot tell you the peace I have,the just freedom I have in relinquishing those other dreams to God and saying we will do what You want even if it's not what we originally wanted. It's like a chain has been taken off of us and we are walking in freedom that the Bible speaks about. Isn't God just so awesome?! So that is just a summery of what's been going on. There have been some physical health issues with me,but nothing God cannot handle. So join us in prayer for the ministry,our home,and my health please. I hope to start writing some in the near future. For now, you can catch up with me on Facebook or Twitter. God bless all you wonderful ladies!