Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Back and Going Forward

It's almost 2014. Wow. Another year has come and gone. I look back and I can smile about some amazing things that happened,but I also get sad about things that did not happen. I get very sentimental around the end of every year. I think of dashed dreams,false hopes,and have many regrets. I tend to be hard on myself come the last few days of December. I think of the doors we thought would open for us that were just slammed right in our face. I think of the dreams and aspirations we had,but they never came to pass. I take it in stride and know God has the best interest and plan for our family. It's hard to accept at times, though. Letting the God of the universe orchestra my life,the big picture. It should not be hard,I mean He only created the world in just 6 days. He took dirt and made man. He took a rib and created woman. It is ridiculous that I cannot trust Him with the minuet and big details of my life. The world is a pretty big deal,so why can't I trust God with my big deals at times? It's a part of a process of learning and growing. One I am still learning.

I also think of the awesome things that happened this past year. We were able to go to the beach twice and it costs us hardly anything. We were able to go to Texas and it cost us nothing. We aren't big spenders and this was only our second year to take a vacation since the 7 years we have been married. We made memories with our boys that will never be forgotten. The year was not all full of sadness because in the dashed dreams are God's dreams,God's plans for us. How much better they are! His plans are perfect and there are without flaw! So I can take comfort in His Word and know that by allowing my dreams to slip away,He is putting new dreams into my heart and soul. How amazing! I really cannot say enough about the goodness of God. Surrendering to His will is not easy,but it is so worth it. I am a frail,flawed human and I know I will mess things up. So by surrendering it to God I have full assurance things will be just as He desires.

Closing this chapter of life,I look forward to the new year. I look forward to making more memories with our boys at home and wherever God takes us. I look forward to growing more in my faith,being stretched more,being pruned more,and being broken more. I look forward to seeing what God does in the hearts of my boys and the hearts of family, plus friends. I look forward to see what doors God closes and what doors God opens. Like the song by Darlene Czech says, I give my life to the Potter's hands. There will be bad and hard times. For without them, how would I know the goodness of God? There will be joyous,happy times too. He will give and He will take away. But I will say blessed be the name of the Lord.

If I am full of myself I have nothing to give,but if I am full of Him I have so much to give others. So I want to be broken and continually filled with the glory and light of God so I can give to others what God knows they need. I encourage you to seek God whole heartily with all that you have. Let Him take dreams of your own and replace them with what He desires. Let Him break you so He can fill you with Himself. May we be women of prayer,conviction,love,and so much more. I pray you all have a blessed last day of 2013 and have a blessed new year!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Easy Canvas Print Win

For the first time ever I won something through a give-a-way. I enter a good bit of them,but was never picked as the winner. Just a few weeks back that changed. Bethany a friend of mine I have met through blogging had a give-a-way on her blog. I go in and out of blogging,so I had no clue until she let me know. I'm so glad I stopped by her blog to check it out. She blogs at Raindrops & Rainbows.

The give-a-way was for a free 8x10 canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints. I have wanted a canvas print for awhile,but I have not taken the time to really look into them and get one. Bethany also has one from there. Like she said in her post about the company, the process was very easy to go through. It was step by step and gave the information you needed to know which picture would work well. The hardest part for me,just like Bethany said, was picking just one picture. I have tons of pictures that I take. We were blessed to take 3 different vacations this year and I had took a lot of great pictures. I finally chose one and I am very pleased with it.

I chose one from our vacation to Orange Beach,AL this past April. I edited the photo at Picmonkey photo editor site and added the scripture. I am very pleased with the outcome. I received it today,so I have no input on durability. I am hoping that it lasts and doesn't give me any problems. Just from working on the site to get the canvas put together I would recommend using them to friends and family.

I just wanted to share this with my blogging friends.