Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lots of pictures to share!!

Here are some pictures,but in no order,just random. I'm 27 weeks and counting. Only 12 weeks to go! Woo-hoo! We are good,just enjoying the weather when it's not too hot for Mama. 

My love and I at my parents. He loves when I wear my glasses.

Us again,at our apartment. I was 25 weeks I think.

Never leave your coke unattended. Yeah, he got it while we were not looking.

Love this picture of Mike and Aaron watching God Rocks.

Aaron thought they were going for a ride haha 

Aunt Heather with the nephews and niece.

Daniel and Brook,so cute!

Typical boy look haha

He was helping Uncle Jamie with the greenhouse.

This is precious. I love watching him sleep.

Nothing better than that smile.

Riding the 4-wheeler with Papa.

Strong man!!

He was fishing in Nana's mud hole hahaha such a boy!

Walking on the big path of life.

I love this picture of him walking down my parents drive way.

He was fishing while holding Biscuit. Too cute!

This is at the entrance of our apartment. It was beautiful!!

The picnic table at my parents. Love how the colors all go together here.

I was 24 weeks here I think. All belly!!

The entrance down my parents drive way. I love it!

This was at my brother's,no questions why haha

This is at my brother's house. Beautiful one!

This was yesterday,27 weeks.

Baby Johnathan today,he's getting active!