Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At the Well- God of Peace

I am a day late of the discussion question from our study! We had planned to go looking for vehicles yesterday and as we were going over to Mississippi to drop the boys off with his parents,we hit a cow with our truck. Yes, a baby calf. We were all okay and the headlight was the only thing that was damaged. The calf was okay when we left the scene,but I'm not sure. I felt so bad,but it was a sudden thing and we tried to not hit it. I'm just glad my family and I were okay. We shopped all day for a vehicle,the one God would have for us. He surely provided for us! We own a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer that was just the price we needed! Praise God for His timing and His provision!!

Now onto our study! :) Check out At the Well and the study we are doing. It is so awesome! God has taken this study and literally renewed my spirit and walk with Him. These ladies that give their time At the Well are such a blessing and I'm so thankful for them!

Today’s Discussion Exercise:
Complete the following statements:
My life before Christ… I was young when I received Christ as my Savior. What I can remember was I was selfish and very,very timid. I had a low self esteem. 

How I came to know Christ as  my Redeemer… I had been told about Christ at church and at home. I remember telling my Mom I wanted Christ to come into my heart. So one night in my bed when I was 10 years old she prayed with me. I did not know everything there was to know,but I did know that I was a sinner and needed His grace. I rededicated my life when I was about 22. After then I begin to really seek God and was surrounded by people who were sold out for Christ and I wanted that. So I left the "norm" of most Christians today and well, here I am. Pursuing a life that is radical for my Lord,no matter what others think.

My life since coming to know Christ as my Redeemer…Is so amazing! I have peace,grace,forgiveness,love,mercy,and can offer it to others through my actions and the Word of God. God had so richly blessed me with amazing parents,awesome siblings,a wonderful "other" family through marriage,the best husband,and the 2 best boys a Mama could want! Some days, I think God why me? What did I do to deserve this? He says it doesn't matter if you deserve it,I want you to have it! If not for God and His Word, I would not make it day to day. Do I fail? Certainly! But I get back up with the help of my Savior and go at it again. I truly love my life. I love where God has me right now. I have a God-fearing husband and 2 boys I get to plant seeds of LIFE into through Jesus Christ my Savior! What more could I ask for? Nothing in my opinion. We don't live lavishly,but we live abundantly through Jesus. He is our Provision! Have a blessed day!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

prayers of intercession for my Daddy

I would appreciate more prayers for my Daddy. They are hoping to send his blood samples to a Dr. in Kansas City,MO for a Lyme disease testing. I know God is God and He is our Healer. Sometimes we have to endure hard times here on earth,but we're not giving up. We'll still bombard the gates of heaven for his healing here on earth! So people of faith stand in prayer with me and my family! 

Some may not know,but he has been in severe pain for almost 3 years now. He received Christ 3 years ago and soon after he started having pain in his right arm and it has spread all over. He has not worked since then either because the pain is too severe. Their income is not much at all. Only through God's provision have they made it. My Momma works at Wal-Mart and only has stayed on so they would have insurance,but things have started changing with hers and it's not covering what it used too. It's really hard to see them struggle,physically and financially. My Daddy is a Carpenter by trade and has built many,many homes in our hometown and surrounding counties. He has been working the last several months supervising his men so they can have some more income. It has gotten to the point of him not being able to walk some days. I do not know why this has happened,but I do know it rains on the just and unjust. My Daddy believes God will heal him. He healed his back and knee right after he got born again. It's just tough ya know? The Doctor said he guesses he has Rheumatoid Arthritis,but isn't sure. So Daddy hasn't been taking the shots they said,the side effects are horrible and he said if they weren't sure what it was,he wans't going to take them. We think it could be Lyme Disease. I've read up on it and so has my brother. Hopefully, the Dr. in Kansas City,MO will take the results through the mail. So please be praying for him,all you who have ministries add him to your list. Their names are Tony and Bhrenda Fryfogle ( fry-fo-gul). Thank you all so much!!!!

Thankful Thursday-My Husband

I'm writing this post early since I'll be busy in the morning doing some errands before my husband goes to work. Laurie @ Women Taking A Stand is the host this month for Thankful Thursday. She always blesses me with her blog posts,so stop by there!

Speaking of my husband, that's who I am specifically thankful for today. We were married 3 years on December 4,2009. We were friends for about 4 years before we dated and we dated for a year before getting married. He is a hard working man. He is a State Trooper and some may not think they work hard,but they do. He does well at his job and also he ministers to people,which is amazing! He said there is no separation of church and state in his car. He is also a wonderful Father to my boys,not to mention a wonderful husband to me. He helps me as much as he can around the house along with his regular job. Whenever he can he gives me a chance to go to the store by myself to just enjoy peace and quiet. He will stay up late with the baby so I can go onto bed since I am up with the boys in the mornings. He is so helpful! Does he irritate me at times? Yes,but that goes both ways,I know I irritate him too. We are learning to be more patient and hold our tongue though. I love him more every day. We have had some hard times,but have grown through them. The thing I love most about him is his relationship with the Lord. It's carried him through some tough times since he first started walking with the Lord. He is my "hero" if you want to say it that way. I look up to him and respect him. I love him and I adore him. He keeps me laughing and always knows how to make me smile. He can make me blush too hehe.. He is pretty darn amazing!

Hope ya'll have a wonderful Thursday!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Love Dare: Do You Dare? Week 4

My husband and I started the Love Dare: Day by Day just 4 weeks ago. It occurred to me I should do a meme each week,so this is the first one. I'll give you the dare and questions that go with it. I won't have time to write out the actual devotion. That's what mine is instead of just the dare each week. I hope you are blessed by it,so far I have been!

This Week's Dare: Choose to demonstrate patience by saying nothing negative to your spouse. It is better to hold your tongue than to say something you'll regret.

Go Deeper: So many problems in marriage would be avoided or quickly resolved if husbands and wives followed the counsel in James 1:19. Study this verse and consider how you might apply it in your marriage.

Prayer: Father, help us to become very patient with one another. Give us the wisdom to be quick to listen,slow to speak, and slow to anger. In Jesus' name, amen.

Go Deeper: Read II Peter 3:9 and study how the patience of God is being demonstrated today in our generation. Why is God demonstrating patience rather than wrath? What does this say about His heart for us?

 He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly. 
   Proverbs 14:29

You can do it all in one day or spread it out. Pass the word around! I am going to try my hand at the MckLinky,we'll see how that goes! If nothing else you can just post what you want at your blog and leave me a message. I'd love to read your thoughts.

Monday, March 22, 2010

At the Well- The Most High God

 I am a little late for At the Well. I am usually first one to blog,but I got tied up doing the first priority,taking care of the family and home. I'm just not sitting to blog and do a few pictures,while Daniel is entertaining Aaron. I did my study early this morning though,thankfully! I'm so looking forward to this weeks name and the things God will show me and the rest of you ladies. So don't forget to check out the post by Jenifer @ By His Grace today.

Today’s Discussion Question:
Are there areas in your life right now where you have placed someone else above the Most High God?
Do YOU need to move out of the way so that the Most High God can reign supreme in your life? 

I had read the question this morning too and have been trying to ponder on it all day. It was a hard one and for me, took a lot of thought. I had in the past put someone else above God and thought they could meet my needs,but I was wrong. Right now I can say I am not doing that,I just have to watch myself or I may put my husband higher than he should be. 

In some areas I definitely need to move out of the way. I am an organizer and planner by trade. It's a part of my make up that can get in the way of God's plan sometimes. I have to remember He is the ultimate planner and He knows best for my life and my families life. That's very hard to do. Another area, is trying to convince my husband or sway him. I'm learning I'm not the Holy Spirit. I can only pray for my husband in things I think needs to be changed or he see them differently. That's very hard,but I know that is best. I am trying to get better at that. I've been asking the Lord to show me other areas where I need to let him reign supremely and for me to be able to let go of them. It works best when He is in total control. Hope you all had a blessed day!! 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Want to do a weekly meme

My husband and I have been doing the Love Dare Devotional. We're only in week 3,but I wanted to start next week and post the dare with some thoughts/questions. I would like for it to be a meme. I will have to get some help with the McLinky,so any help,just message me. Spread the word. I don't know how to do a button,but I'll title it the Do You Dare? and will do it on Tuesday's. So spread the word! Thank you!!

Thankful Thursday- Struggles

I had to write my entry early since I will be on a date tomorrow with my hubby. :) So I'm not sure what Laurie @ Women Taking A Stand will write about,but I know you will be blessed by whatever it is!! So be sure to follow the link to her amazing blog!

My study yesterday was about Paul's thorn in the flesh,his trials and struggles. It took me to a verse that God spoke to me early last year in II Corinthians. 

7And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.8For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me.9And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.10Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong. II Corinthians 12:7-10

So today I am thankful for my struggles and trials. For with them, God's power shines through. How ironic is that? We are told today in our society we are the god and we can do it,but without the true God we cannot accomplish anything. We certainly cannot make it through trials and have a positive attitude in the end. It is so hard sometimes,but I have to go back to this scripture and know if I could do it on my own why would I need God? Why would I need salvation? He keeps us humble by allowing some struggles and trials so we do not exalt ourself above Him. I used to beg God to just let things be easy and simple,but after reading these verses and really meditating on them I should thank Him for His power to work through me during the struggles. Oh it takes a lot to say I'm thankful for them,when I am in the midst of them. Mine aren't too bad,but at the time they sure do seem it. Being woke up at 2 in the morning by my precious Aaron who doesn't know what he wants and a Mama not knowing how to get him back to sleep knowing I will be woke up again, is a struggle to me. Is it that bad? No,it could be worse,but God still will give me the strength the next day when I am dog tired taking care of Daniel and Aaron all over again. God doesn't say our struggles have to meet a certain criteria of "hard". He just says that when we are weak,He is strong. So whatever your struggle is today, try to see God in the midst calling to you and wanting to be Your Strength! Be blessed ladies!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

At the Well- Our Provision

Welcome to At the Well and our study God Who Are You and What Can You Do For Me? hosted by Jenifer @ By His Grace. It's been an amazing journey so far discovering more about God through His names. I have surely been blessed by this study and the ladies At the Well. Join us today!

Discussion Question: Are you totally relying on God to provide for all your needs? Is He sufficient enough for you or are you searching for more?

God is definitely sufficient enough for me. I am learning not to search for more because there isn't anyone besides God who can fulfill all my needs. If I didn't rely on God for all my needs I would be in a bind. We got married with hardly anything in our apartment. We had an entertainment system,t.v.,and a bed in our room. I didn't want a "wedding" with all the normal things. All I wanted was to marry my love. So the two of us were married in our apartment by a friend of ours who is a minister with his wife as the witness. I didn't want the bridal showers either. I was just very different when it came to that. We got gifts from family and friends for the kitchen so we had cooking ware. God blessed us with the things we needed along the way. Now, after 3 years our living room is furnished and so are both bedrooms.

During my first pregnancy I was not on my husband's insurance. We were only married 4 months before I got pregnant with Daniel. Working for the State sometimes can be difficult and they are slow with things like insurance. We were devastated and just did not know how we would pay for the pregnancy by ourselves. God had our back though,we just had not realized it yet. We were turned down for Medicaid and boy was I so angry! I was angry at the people I knew that were on it who would not work,when my husband busted his tail at his job. God finally showed me that I wasn't going to be rewarded by the world for living for Him. I was expecting the world to help us out,when it should have been God I was relying on. No later than 2 weeks from that time, our landlord came to my husband offering free rent in exchange for him being the courtesy officer. We were floored!! Of course he took it. We knew God was providing for us. Our rent money would pay the monthly visits! We had to pay the clinic off in 7 months time and with the rent money now going to those visits we were able to do that. It would equal $2500 for the clinic. We also had to pay $2500 before I delivered to the hospital. We knew God would provide though! He did through family and friends and we were able to pay the hospital off. I ended up with a c-section and we would owe more money. Oh that was  not good. We were literally broke even though God paid off the clinic and hospital. Thank God my parents were financially stable at this time and they lent us $1000 to pay for the c/s. We went to that office and that lady told Mike we did not owe anything. He kept telling her no we do,my wife had an unexpected c/s and we have to pay for it. She said sir if you want to pay you can,but you owe nothing! She took him back to her boss and they showed him our information on the computer. It said paid for on our account. When he told me I was blew away,but I knew our God had provided for us. So we took that money back to my parents,who in the following months would desperately need it. Now, you tell me do we not serve an awesome,all-knowing God??? YES we sure do!!! He has been taking care of us ever since then! I was on insurance about 3-6 days after I had Daniel. Just like my God! If we would have been on insurance,how would we have known how awesome He is and that he is our provider. Of course I knew that in my mind,but I had never been through anything like this,so know my heart knew. Oh I just get excited talking about it! So yes, He is enough for me! You are my supply,my breath of life, more awesome than I know!!

What are you waiting for? Why not let God be your provider? Be blessed!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday- Light of the World

I love this day in the blogging world,it's Thankful Thursday! Welcome and I pray you can find something to be thankful about! Laurie @ Women Taking A Stand is our host this month. She has a very important post today about being faithful in all things,check it out and be blessed!

Our Bible study this morning talked about God's will,grace,mercy,light,and much more. I'm thankful for God's light,Jesus. He is our light in this dark and dreary world! He is our hope in this sin stricken world! Praise God for His Son,His Light! And to think this light Jesus lives inside of me,working daily. He wants to use me for the glory of His Father. A sin sick soul such as me! That is awesome! God sees what I will be and knows what awesome plans He has for me. That's why He hasn't given up on me,He sees what I cannot see. God can take the cheifest of sinners,such as Saul, and shine His light on them and they become Paul. Does that not make you want to shout? Glory to God! I love to hear those testimonies like Saul's. Those of people who were so horrible (in our eyes, sin is sin to God),but had one encounter with our Savior and the Light of the world! Isn't that what this life is all about? Seeing people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!! Then, walking according to His Word,the Holy Bible. Have you met the Light of the world today? He will radically change you forever!! To God be the glory!!

Then, Jesus spoke to them again,saying, I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness,but have the light of life. John 8:12

Monday, March 8, 2010

At the Well- Our Healer

I hope everyone has had a great Monday! This weeks study is about Jehovah Rapha,the Lord who heals. I love this aspect of God! Check out At the Well and see what Jenifer has to offer you through the video.

Today's Discussion Question: How have you dealt with your "wounds" up until now? Have these "wounds" become a part of who you are? Do you desperately want to get rid of them?

This is a pretty deep question and I pray we all get raw with the answer. I'm still pondering if I am completely healed from not having a vaginal birth emotionally. Here is my story. When I was pregnant with my first son, I planned on a vaginal birth,a natural one at that. We knew he was posterior (aka-sunny side up) and had not dropped down in the pelvis. I still was not even considering a c-section. I read some books by Dr. Sears and was using a Doula(close friend) and Nurse Midwife (works at a hospital). They gave me plenty of information too. I went into labor on a Thursday and things weren't going like we thought. Of course, at the time I thought they were,I'd never given birth! By Saturday afternoon we had to make a decision to go with a c-section. Daniel was in a deep transverse arrest (lying across my uterus) position and there was no way he was coming out of there without help! Oh boy,this threw me for a loop. I did not want major surgery,had not planned for it,and there was nothing I could do about it. The c/s was fine and we were both healthy. I was pretty tired as you guessed it, since I had not really slept since Thursday. I was pretty out of it too. I can't remember much from that first day or two since I was on medication. I did everything I wanted though. I labored in different positions,went natural up unto the c/s was performed (it was a 42 hour labor-my own choice),and started breastfeeding. I could not do anything for Daniel though. Mike took care of him the whole time in the hospital besides feeding him and he had to help me with that. I had a very rough time with that too,but I did it. I remember the 2nd or 3rd day we were home I just started crying. I told Mike I wanted to be able to care for Daniel like I had anticipated. My belly was still tender and I was very sore (due to them not getting me up and moving until day 2). I told him I just don't understand how God could let this happen. I believed it was His will for women to give birth vaginally. I felt like a horrible Mother. Months went by and I begin telling God I have no clue why I could not just give birth vaginally,but if I didn't get an answer I would be okay with it,I knew He did know best. I didn't feel less of a woman,I just did not want to have to have another c/s in the future. I didn't know anything about VBAC's until I had a friend have one and found a lady on here that had one also. I felt like I did heal from that experience. I did all that I could do to have the birth I wanted,but it wasn't how God had it planned. 

So onto more some more wounds. I found a VBAC book and begin reading it once my son was 6 months old. I wanted to be prepared no matter when I got pregnant again. I set my mind to it right then. I wanted a VBAC! I knew I could do it with God's help. So when Daniel turned a year old, we found out we were expecting again. We were so excited,especially me! I just knew I could have a VBAC,but I also prepared myself for another c/s. I did not want to totally ignore the fact that I may have to have another c/s. I worked with the same 2 ladies as from my previous pregnancy. They were both excited too! I started watching my sugar intake in hopes it would help the baby not be so big. If it didn't work at least I knew I tried. I worked out as much as I could and I really felt great about this. I wrote down everything I ate every day and started weighing myself each day for my Doula (she is a Midwife also). We found out early on that the baby was posterior,so I started doing exercises for that. I found ladies in the area who had a VBAC or two and even attended an ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) meeting. I took a 6 hour VBAC class also with a lady whose Mother is a Midwife here and she was also going for a VBAC. I planned to do things the same way as far as birth and labor. Labor as long as I could at home with the Doula,go all natural,and try different positions. Once I was 20 weeks he turned to a breech position,so I did exercises to combat that and he turned back head down. He never would stay anterior though. I kept on doing exercises to keep him that way,but it just never worked. So time went on and I was "past" due. During the 41 week I started having contractions and on a Thursday they were intense and I was dilating. It was going pretty fast too. So by midnight that Thursday we were at the hospital and I was laboring in a room. My Doula and CNM both were very confident I would have a vaginal birth. I was vocalizing and just praying very hard through the contractions. Once my water broke I waited as long as I could to push. Once I started pushing,they noticed each time I would stop pushing he would move back and not stay down on the cervix. He was still posterior too. Boy, they tried all the could do to turn him and figure out why I would not dilate to 10 (I was at 9,but with my first I was at 10). After a couple hours of that, my CNM suggested an epidural to let me rest and see if he would turn or a c/s. I did not want to get an epi and it not work out how we thought,so my husband and I opted for another c/s. I felt more peace this time though. I had done everything. I did not want to endanger my son or myself. They discovered my pelvic bone is flat and with him being a big baby (he was 9lbs 10oz) in the posterior position he just wasn't going to come. I felt at peace since I tried all I could do to have the baby the best way I saw fit. 

I still just didn't understand why though. Why could I not have a vaginal birth? Why did I have to be one of the women who has flat pelvic bone? It's rare and I was one of them. I wasn't mad,but I was just let down. We worked so hard to achieve this vaginal birth and up until the last minute all thought it would happen. I remember getting in the shower after we got home and just crying out to God. I had failed at something I thought would happen. I told him I do not understand God,why??? I then told Him I do not understand Your ways,but let it bring glory to You somehow. How? I still don't know how it will,but I stopped wondering why I didn't get the birth I wanted. So I felt at peace with God. I knew I had done what I needed to do,but for some reason it just wasn't meant to happen. I was also and still am not sure about future births now. I longed to have more than 2 kids. It's very hard being a Mother,but I love it! It's what I am called to do. Now, what? I do not want another c/s. They are not safe for women to have over and over. So I'm just sort of torn with that decision. I believe God should control our wombs,but I also know I cannot put myself in danger. As of now, I am ordered to wait 4 years before conceiving again due my uterus not being in the best condition. After then, I am not sure what will happen. I know God knows and that does comfort me. Not only was that a wound,but breastfeeding was also. I had such a hard time with my first. I thought the second time around was going to be a little easier,but it wasn't. I eventually had to stop when Aaron was only 2 or 3 weeks old. I was so distraught. I remember just crying at the thought of not breastfeeding. I was so emotional right after I had Aaron and that did not help. So I have healed in some ways and some ways I have not. I know God can and will heal me too. 

I'm just very passionate about natural birth and breastfeeding and well in my mind at times, I failed at both. I know I didn't since my boys are both here and healthy,but I don't know. I guess it's hard to explain. I can talk about the births and all without crying or having to hold back tears,but I just wanted the vaginal birth for so many reasons. Alright! Thank you for reading,that was long! I pray you all had a blessed day! Join us in our journey to discovering more about our God!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

joy comes with the morning- writing from my heart

I wrote a post a couple of months ago on my other blog about feeling down,discouraged,and joyless. Since then God has been working in me and showing me somethings. I started doing the online Bible study that At the Well is doing each week. I've always wanted to study more on the names of God and this happen to be doing that very thing. I had been trying to set aside some time daily to read the Word,but it was so hard with 2 little ones. My oldest does not take naps and even when my youngest is asleep I still have Daniel to take care of. I just started doing the study when Aaron went to sleep and made my mind up I was going to do it every day. I had to do it. I needed to realize somethings about myself and my life.

God showed me that I complain WAY too much about the blessings He had given me. I saw my blessings as cursings. Not that I called them that,but the way I complained you would think I thought they were. I also was not seeing the struggles as a way God wanted to perfect me and also for me to call upon Him for help and strength. Instead I thought I must be doing something wrong. That was the wrong mindset and assumption. Through this study I am doing God has been showing me that He is my help and He wants me to call on Him more daily with the tasks that I think are too hard for me to handle. I knew this,I knew I knew! I had just forgotten I guess. Every done that? He has been showing me that the struggles I have are not too hurt me or discourage me,but for me to see I cannot do it alone and that through these I can either grow stronger or get weaker. It was just up to me to choose which I would do. Amazing, isn't it? Amazing what God will tell you when you take the time to stop and listen to Him.

I was so accustomed to having all the time I wanted to pray and read the Word without interruption. I did not move out of my parents house until I was 23. I was the last child to leave the nest and most days (except Monday and Tuesdays when I was in college for 3 years) I had the house to myself. I could pray as long as I wanted and as loud as I wanted. I could read the Bible as long as I wanted,when I wanted. Well,things change when you get married and have children. Is that bad? Nope,but it is different. You have a husband to take care of and a house to tend too. After my 2 boys came (we were only married 4 months before I got pregnant with the first baby) I thought,wow, when can I read or pray? I like to do mine in silence or with some music. Well, that pretty much does not happen too often. I then started thinking I was failing God because I did not do it a certain way,religious? Yes,very. I was trying to put this new skin in the old skin and well that just was not working. I realized through the passage about the old and new wine skins that I was a different person than I was before my boys arrived. I really was. I had grew a lot in God through lots of struggles. No insurance,finances,major surgery,and many other things. So I had to do things different. Read when I can read,pray when I can pray. Pray throughout the day. Most importantly incorporate that time in with my boys,especially my oldest son. They were my ministry,along with my husband now. Not people in churches when I was on a drama team,not young ladies in the dorm when I was at college. But my children and my husband were my #1 ministry and concern.

After realizing these things, I begin to look at my daily life different. I had never lost my joy,but I was allowing the circumstances to determine my joy. I was happy,not joyful. Happiness is determined by the circumstances around you,joy is not, joy is in all things. Once I realized this, I started feeling alive again. I really started to see things the way God wanted me too. The Word was alive again to me. God was not far off. It was as if the time of silence was over. It was and still is an awesome feeling! Sometimes God is silent through our trials. It is't that He is not near us though. He is always near us. I can't quiet describe the feeling I have. It's almost the feeling I had years ago,when you are smitten with your love. I never lost that love for God,but I allowed all the struggles to cloud it and the devil was trying to make me think I had lost it,along with the joy. It was all still there, I just had to dig and stop seeing things through my eyes and see them through His eyes.

We have started daily Bible readings with Daniel and prayer. We have a children's Bible we read a story out of and pray with him. He loves it! We also started the Love Dare devotional together as a couple and I am doing the online study. It feels great to be in the Word and learning again! It really does something to get in the Word. It will change your whole day! I have been writing on this a little each day,since my time is limited. I love to write and share from my heart. So be encouraged,joy comes with the morning!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Blessing of Giving

The past 2 days we have had the opportunity to give and serve others. It's really been a blessing! My parents have been struggling financially for 2 years now due to my Daddy being out of work because of his severe pain. He is a carpenter by trade and has done it for almost 25 years. He has pain in all over and in his stomach. The Doctors guess it's rheumatiod arthritis,but they aren't sure. They recenly found out the mesh that is in him due to a surgery may be under recall and that could be the root of his pain. He worked as long as he could,but some days it's all he can do to walk. My Momma works at Wal-Mart so her income is not the best. Needless to say they have had a very hard time financially for the most part. Yesterday we went to visit and decided to leave the boys with them and go to Wal-Mart and buy them some groceries. This felt amazing! We have been struggling financially too since November when something happened that was beyond our control,so it felt wonderful to be able to help them. My Daddy still has a lot of pride when it comes to people helping financially,especially his own children,but he is getting better. Please lift them both up in prayer. We are believing for his healing! My Mother also has some problems with her stomach. Her esaphagus is very narrow and they stretched it last year. Since it's so narrow it has caused a lot of bacteria in her stomach. They've been trying to go through a process to fix it,so pray for her too. They are such strong people really. I know it has a lot to do with their struggle,they have grown and still are growing through their struggles.

We had another opportunity to serve today. We found out that one of the people in our building lost his wife yesterday morning to cancer. We knew she was sick,but since we were gone all day we had no idea she had passed away. Our next door neighbor told us earlier. So we decided to fix a small meal for him. We visited them once right before they found the cancer in Mrs. Mona. Mr. Joe is from Washington and she is from Southeast Mississippi (not far from our hometown). They never had children and they have no living relatives. He was in the military,so he and my husband got along well (my husband is a State Trooper). I could not imagine not having any living family. We didn't visit much because soon after she got sick and well I didn't want to bother her with the noise (my son haha). He also has cancer and it was hard on them. So when my husband could he would do things for them. I heated up the brisket we had earlier,fixed some green beans,and 2 baked potatoes for him. It wasn't much,but we wanted to do something. It once again felt awesome to serve someone. I believe it is something God put in women,but has been robbed from them throughout the years. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart,so let him give; not grudgingly, or out of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. II Corinthians 9:7

It is really amazing the joy that comes from giving. I want to teach this to my boys and for them to know from experience how good it feels to give to others and not expect something in return. If you haven't tried giving,give it a try! You will not be let down!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday-Parents

Welcome to Thankful Thursdays! I pray your day will be a blessed one! Laurie @ Women Taking A Stand is our host this month! Check her out!

We spent Wednesday visiting my parents and had a wonderful time! If you don't already know, I'm very close to my family and very passionate about family. So today I am thankful for my parents. My parents have been married for almost 36 years and have 3 kids. I am the middle child. I have 1 older brother and 1 younger sister. I think I have the best parents in the world! They raised us to see a home isn't about the type of home,but the home is about the love in it. We were not rich or well off by no means,but we had love. Were we poor? No not in our eyes,but yes in some peoples eyes we were. We always had shelter,food,and clothing and to me that is what mattered. My Mother accepted Christ at age 28,but it wasn't until 2 years ago that my Daddy accepted Christ. He still always raised us to do what was right in God's eyes. We were loved and we loved our parents. I'm so grateful for my parents and the person they helped me to become. They have an empty nest now and 7 grandkids to show for it. It's wonderful to see them both living for the Lord. They have had their hard times. My Daddy has been suffering for 2 years now with horrible pain all over and doctors aren't sure why. He's not wavered in his faith though. He's not even been able to work,they make it on my Mama's income from Wal-Mart and literally live on a prayer. But God didn't promise life would be easy. He did say He would provide and for them He does. It's hard seeing them struggle,but it is also amazing to see God provide for them supernaturally. Keep them in your prayers please!

What are you thankful for today?

Monday, March 1, 2010

At the Well-Who Rules Your Life?

Today is the start of our weekly study God Who Are You? At the Well. Go check it out,if you haven't! It's really wonderful and I am learning more about the God I serve.

Today's Discussion Question: Who is the master of your life? Who are you allowing to rule over you? Your job? Baggage from the past? Unforgiveness? Hatred? Anger? Unhappiness? Your children? 

What a question! I realized over the past week that I am allowing fear to rule my life. I used to be bound by the horror type fear from movies I was exposed too by family and movies I watched myself. It was horrible! It got to the point of me laying in bed at night (when I lived with my parents) and praying myself to sleep I was so terrified! My Daddy loves the sci-fi channel and that fear spirit was in our home so strong or to me it was (Praise the Lord, he accepted Christ 2 years ago and realized that sort of stuff isn't healthy for anyone). In 2006 I was set free from that fear. It feels amazing to not be scared to walk through a house in the dark at night or to stay at home all night without my husband when he has to work nights. I am no longer scared of the dark. Those things can bring such a fear upon someone, so I believe it's imperative we are careful what we lay our eyes upon,even as David speaks about in the Psalm 101:3,  I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.

But as I said above, I realized another fear has taken hold of me. It was so subtle I didn't recognize it. The fear of failing has been binding me. Most days I don't feel I'm cut out to be a Mother. Wow, it is so overwhelming. I feel so small and so no equipped. After a failed VBAC, my confidence was really hit hard. I tried so hard to have a VBAC and if that wasn't enough, I couldn't breastfeed as long as I desired either. That was the kicker. You ladies know how those hormones are after having a baby,WACK! I slowly let those things make me feel like I could do nothing. I was afraid to take the boys out by myself because I thought I just can't do this,it's too hard. I was afraid to travel to see family without my husband because I thought there is no way I can handle them both. It just took over my daily life. I realized that yesterday on my way to visit the in-laws. God showed me I can do those things and more! If I will lean on Him and not myself! I truly desire to be the Mother God wants me to be everyday. Is it hard? YES! If someone tells you it's not,they have no clue. I know that with the Holy Spirit working through me I can do the things I see as hard and do it with confidence. Beth Moore has been doing a study on our confidence in Christ and I have gained so much from it! I am a daughter of the King of Kings!! I have the right to have confidence in myself through Christ! I don't have to let the devil beat me down,I can,but I choose not too! So I have decided to not let the fear bind me any longer. I will never grow if I let the fear of failure hold me back! I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!

Have a blessed day! What is holding you back?