Thursday, March 25, 2010

prayers of intercession for my Daddy

I would appreciate more prayers for my Daddy. They are hoping to send his blood samples to a Dr. in Kansas City,MO for a Lyme disease testing. I know God is God and He is our Healer. Sometimes we have to endure hard times here on earth,but we're not giving up. We'll still bombard the gates of heaven for his healing here on earth! So people of faith stand in prayer with me and my family! 

Some may not know,but he has been in severe pain for almost 3 years now. He received Christ 3 years ago and soon after he started having pain in his right arm and it has spread all over. He has not worked since then either because the pain is too severe. Their income is not much at all. Only through God's provision have they made it. My Momma works at Wal-Mart and only has stayed on so they would have insurance,but things have started changing with hers and it's not covering what it used too. It's really hard to see them struggle,physically and financially. My Daddy is a Carpenter by trade and has built many,many homes in our hometown and surrounding counties. He has been working the last several months supervising his men so they can have some more income. It has gotten to the point of him not being able to walk some days. I do not know why this has happened,but I do know it rains on the just and unjust. My Daddy believes God will heal him. He healed his back and knee right after he got born again. It's just tough ya know? The Doctor said he guesses he has Rheumatoid Arthritis,but isn't sure. So Daddy hasn't been taking the shots they said,the side effects are horrible and he said if they weren't sure what it was,he wans't going to take them. We think it could be Lyme Disease. I've read up on it and so has my brother. Hopefully, the Dr. in Kansas City,MO will take the results through the mail. So please be praying for him,all you who have ministries add him to your list. Their names are Tony and Bhrenda Fryfogle ( fry-fo-gul). Thank you all so much!!!!


  1. So sorry to hear your dad is not feeling well. And for so long! Will pray for him and your mom.


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