Thursday, August 28, 2014

At the Master's Feet In Print Now!!!

My book is now available to order in print. I'm so thrilled!! It's been an exciting adventure for sure! It is available on CreateSpace right now. It's also available on Amazon now in Paperback and Kindle!

You can go here to purchase it on CreateSpace.  You can also go here to purchase from Amazon. I pray all are encouraged by it. I am in the processing of writing my next devotional book. This book will be for women only. I'm so excited to see what God is doing through my brokenness

At the Master's Feet: Encouragement For Your Soul by Heather Strickland is the name. Check it out and be encouraged!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Smiling At the Future

I have to admit that sometimes I fear the future. I fear what could happen tomorrow or twenty years down the road. I fear things my children may have to endure from heartbreaks to broken bones. We can never know what the future holds. It can catch us by surprise with good and bad things. God has been really dealing with me about worrying about what my future holds. At times I just wish there wasn't any turmoil in the world and it would be a place of peace and comfort.

Come join me at The Imperfect Wives today as I share some of my heart.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Encouragement From God's Word

Trials can often leave us breathless and wondering why did this have to happen? We look around at others who are untouched and we grieve. No matter how big or small the trial truly is, to us, it is always big. We all go through hard times at different stages of life. Trials will always exist here on earth. So how do we deal with them? What do we do when they come our way?

I'm sharing more about my book over at Laurie's site Women Taking A Stand. Come join me!

At the Master's Feet: Encouragement For Your Soul can purchased here on Amazon.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Greatest of These

I'm posting at two different sites today. I will share both links below so you can read both posts.

Sometimes it's so hard to love others, especially our loved ones. We can become irritated, frustrated, or angry at them and we don't want to show love to them. We may think they don't deserve love from us. That may be true, but we didn't deserve God's love either. In spite of our failures, He extended His love anyway. Out of that love was born two beautiful things: faith and hope.

I'm sharing over at Laced With Grace today about love. Won't you join me?

I'm honored to be guest posting over at Kathy Howard's blog, Unshakeable Faith For Life. She's a wonderful writer I have connected with on Facebook. She was kind enough to help me spread the word about my book.   

I'm a stay-at-home wife and mama and some nights I'm so tired I can't think straight. Cooking meals, washing dishes, teaching school, and folding laundry can overwhelm me. Add to the list: raising my boys, writing devotions, and keeping the marriage kindled. I can feel as though there isn't enough of me to go around to get it all done. To read more go here, Kathy Howard: Unshakeable Faith For Life.

 You can find my devotional book, At the Master's Feet: Encouragement For Your Soul here.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Learning to Listen

If you know me, you know that I love to talk. I can talk to just about anyone if they will listen. There are times when I should learn to be quiet, but I haven't yet. This verse in James has been one that I've heard several times over the last several days. I always pay close attention to scripture if I heard it more than twice in a couple days. I figure that God is wanting to tell me something. 

I'm writing over at The Imperfect Wives today. Come be encouraged!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Unfolding Dreams

God put a dream in my heart years ago to write a book. I was just a teenager at the time, but held onto that dream. Our dreams are not just for us, but they are for others also. Anything we do will affect others, whether it is good or bad. I decided as a teen I wanted to affect others for the good. I knew words could really affect people. It doesn't matter if they are written or spoken, words can do lots of harm or lots of good. Written words are something you can keep forever, within reason.

There's something about writing words. I love to see someone's thoughts on paper. I have always been a lot better at writing my feelings than saying them verbally. I always disliked having to get up in front of the class to read anything, especially if I wrote it. I was the one who would come up sick on the day of a speech, even in college, but writing just came natural. I could pick up the pen and words just flowed from my heart. Poems, short stories, and devotions tucked away in folders for no one to see for fear they would think what I wrote was stupid. Fear often robs us of our greatest blessing, to bless others.

I never did let go of that dream to write a book, but I still had no clue how it would happen and if anyone would even read anything I wrote. So I started a blog online in 2008. I was newly married and a new Mother. At first it was just sharing what was going on in our lives and to connect with other ladies. Through my blog I began to meet wonderful ladies from all over the USA and a few in foreign countries. I participated in blog hops and such as much as I could. I made some friends that I still am close to today. It was a way to express what was in my heart.

Things got busy after baby number two and writing was a thing of the past. My blog sat dormant and the pen was dried up. Every once in awhile I could write something, but mostly I just sat on the sidelines wondering when was it going to be my turn again. I struggled with wanting to encourage others and do something meaningful with my days for the first three years of Motherhood. I felt like what I was doing, wasn't impacting anyone whatsoever. I just wanted to do something of significance. How naive I was! When God knocked some sense into me, in a very loving way, I realized I was doing one of the greatest things in the world, being a Mother to children. Many women long to be a mom and I was Mama to three blessings. I was free from the lies of Satan. I was not held in bondage anymore to the lies he wanted to hold me captive. I was no longer a prisoner.

I didn't let go of my dream or rather God's dream, but I just put it on the back burner for a bit. I stopped blogging and didn't write. I was okay with that though. I knew that when God wanted me to write again, He would make a way. In 2012 God made it possible to write again. He opened the door and I walked right through it. I began to set a blog schedule up and have guest bloggers. I did that for awhile and then God opened more doors. He opened the door for me to write devotions at a dear friends (a precious lady I met through my blog) website called Laced With Grace. I have read it for awhile and just loved the encouragement I received there. Iris asked me in January of 2014 if I would be interested in joining their writing team and I was elated. I was shocked really. I struggle with self-confidence, always have, and I often compare myself to others. I accepted after discussing it with my husband. I just could not (and still cannot) believe I am writing for an online ministry. I did not want to write for myself anymore. I discovered my gift (encouragement) and wanted to use it for His glory.

In February, I started thinking about my book again. I had already started writing some on it. I didn't want to write just on one topic yet. I didn't feel I had enough experience on one topic solely. So I decided to write one about God's faithfulness and provision in our marriage and life. God has done some amazing things for my husband and I. What better way than to encourage others than to share our story. I got the outline written and the introduction. I sort of got writer's block, so I put it down and kept writing the devotions. The same month another dear friend, Cherie, (who I met on Twitter) asked me to pray about joining the ministry God gave her and write devotions for wives at The Imperfect Wives. I was in shock again. God was blowing my mind. I had waited so long for opportunities such as these and He just began throwing them at me. I talked to my husband about it and accepted her offer too. I felt so honored and humbled because I am nothing-- I am nothing without Christ. God was doing some mighty things for me and for my family. He was bestowing His blessings out faster than we could take them in.

While reading a blog post on Sally Clarkson's site one day, which was about a devotional, God told me to write a devotional. I already was writing them and I love to encourage others so I wrote it down in my blog book and dated it. I was bewildered at where to start though. I really had no idea what to do besides write. I read a book by Christin Slade and Sarah Mae about blogging and eBooks, still though I wasn't sure how it would all work out. I decided not to worry about it and to just focus on writing devotions for the ministries. I just love how our God works. He is amazing. He sees the whole picture and just wants us to trust Him. So I did. I knew if He wanted me to write an eBook, all I had to do was obey by writing devotions. He knew just how the details would work out.

At the end of June a sweet friend of mine Ashley (who I met through blogging) was sharing a post about writing your eBook in 31 days. I thought 'Wow, that would be awesome!' I commented, but really didn't think anything about it, until she messaged me. It was time. It was time to write that idea of a book that God planted in my heart years ago. I was scared (still am), nervous, and not quite sure. I mean I have three small boys and a hubby that works a crazy shift. I wasn't sure if the time was right, then it hit me, the time will never be right. She blessed me and let me join the class for the month of July.

God has blown my mind. He is extraordinary. He is more than I can take at times. To a lot of people, it's not a big deal, but I have always dreamed of writing a book. I am through writing the book. The second week of writing was very tough. I faced many challenges while trying to finish the devotions. I felt like giving up and quitting. With the encouragement of others I kept on pressing on and writing. God is so faithful!

Wow. Just wow. I had no clue back in February when God whispered devotional book to me, that five months later I would be writing that book. He always, I mean always provides. When we obey Him, He will bless. He cannot help it. He loves us and loves our obedience. 

Check out my Facebook page, Becoming Titus 2 Women if you haven't.

This is my book. It still sounds so weird to say that. I am so blessed and so humbled. I pray that you will be encouraged and strengthened through the words in these pages. It will be available in print also. I will let everyone know when that is. I could not have done this without dear friends that helped with editing and revising with me. Thank you all so much! You are a part of my dream and I am grateful.

This link will take you to my Amazon page where you can purchase it. Thank you in advance if you purchase a copy!!