Monday, January 23, 2012

The Gentleness Challenge- Week 4

I somehow missed week 3 to post. This is week 4. It's a great challenge. Get the book The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson if you can and read it. It is so encourage and convicting!

This weeks challenge: In week 2 we focused on bringing our voices down low close to a whisper when we feel like yelling.  In week 3 – we focused on anger management.  This week add in words of praise for Christlike qualities.  Be specific and really pay attention to the godly things your children are doing. Try to do what the Duggars do - and praise your children 10 times more than you correct them. 

Link up with Courtney@Women Living Well and join in.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Gentleness Challenge Week 2

It's week 2 of The Gentleness Challenge. It has been hard to remember to just stay calm,but I know with Christ I can do it.

Our Assignment for the week: I encourage you this week to smile more, hug more, SLOW DOWN, listen, take a deep breath. When you feel like screaming – whisper. Pray pray and then pray some more. Take time to write out, meditate and memorize the 2 verses above, as you pursue gentleness.

Join us and link up with Have a blessed day!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday ~~ A New Year

It has been awhile since I have been able to blog. I suppose I will be hit and miss until my boys are well into their teens. That's okay, it will go by faster than I think.

Join Laurie@Women Taking A Stand and link up for Thankful Thursday. Thankfulness is something we all could work on and really it's not that hard. We all have things we can thank God for.

I am thankful for a new year. Last year was a really great year. My oldest turned 3,my middle turned 2,and our youngest was born. We lost loved ones and we had loved ones born. There were times that were very hard and trying and there were times that werere so exciting I could hardly contain myself. We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and also birthdays,which are bringing us closer to 30. We had goals met and then we had goals unmet. We had dreams come true and then we had dreams that withered away. I started selling the jewelry that I make online and am excited to see where God takes this endeavor. One thing for sure is, God saw us through it all. Without God we would not be where we are today. We took the good with the bad and went forward. So I am excited to see what 2012 has for us. It should be interesting. We have more dreams and goals we are wanting to acheive and see come to past,but ultimately it's in God's hands. Our oldest will be 4 this month,our youngest will turn 1 in June,and our middle with turn 3 in October. Those things in themselves are exciting!! I will turn 29 next month and my husband will turn 30 in July. We will be turning so many new chapters in our lives. I want to live in the moment,not for a moment. We all look forward to a certain moment or occasion and I think we forget to live in the moments and even in those that may not be so exciting. My moments consist of babies crying,brothers fighting,chaning lots of diapers,hearing Mama a billion times from sun-up to sun-down,having little arms wrapped around my neck,little lips kissing my cheeks,and a not so clean house. BUT I want to live in these moments,for they will pass ever so quickly. I don't want to wish my days away to birthdays,holidays,or other "important" days/nights. I want everyday to hold a new adventure,even if it is just in my home with my little family.

What are you thankful for? Share with us and link up. This is a favorite of mine. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and have a fabulous new year!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Gentleness Challenge

I am joining  for The Gentleness Challenge. I struggle with my temper at times with my boys. Being home with them 24/7 I tend to see the bad and not always the good. I don't want to be that Mom and I want to speak life to my kids. So I will be doing this with these wonderful,awesome ladies as much as I can.

I will be getting the book by Sally Clarkson The Ministry of Motherhood,which is one they discuss in the videos. She is a wonderful woman of God who has such a gentle spirit. Join uf if you will!