Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Daniel!

My oldest at Bass Pro. I caught this moment and it's priceless.

Today my oldest son turns 6. Wow. That's hard to believe for me. It was bitter cold and rainy the day I went to have him at the hospital. I was in labor for 2 days almost before he decided to make his appearance. He was a whopping 9lbs 30z and about 21 inches long. He had a head full of black,thick hair. He had a good pair of lungs too. I thought parenting was going to be very easy,but I quickly found out otherwise. Sleepless nights,exhaustion,not having my routine,and many other things showed me that this was an adventure to say the least.

We've been through some rough patches,but we have also been through some awesome times. Daniel Paul is spirited,energetic,strong willed,determined,competitive,and very talkative. He loves sports,army men,police,and hunting. He keeps me on my toes and finally,yes I said finally, sleeps through the night. He is in Kindergarten (we home school remember?) and is learning to read. He's smart as a whip,but likes to be hands on instead of in the books. I love him more than he knows. He brings me a lot of joy. He loves his Daddy and that is is hero. He has a lot of leadership qualities and I know God has great things in store for him. We cannot wait to see where God leads him in life.

Daniel Paul only a day old here.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Looking Into the Mirror of God's Word

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. – Proverbs 31:30
The other day I was straightening my hair trying to get the wave out. I was intently focused on getting it just right. I love to fix my hair and put on make-up. Before having kids I never went anywhere without make-up. I just love being a girly girl. Now, if I put on make-up my boys ask me where are we going that day. Ha! Funny how things change isn’t it? .....

To read more go to this link.

 Today I am so privileged to write my first monthly devotion at Laced With Grace website. I will join a team of ladies and write devotions monthly. God is so good! I love writing and love to encourage other women/people. You can go check it out and don't forget to check it out daily for other devotions from some great women!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Setting My Gaze on Him

Joy is starting a series called Setting My Gaze on Him. It goes right along with my word for the year which is intentional. I thought I would try to link up with her posts this week.

Printable verse cards from The Better Mom.

I printed these verse cards out from The Better Mom's blog to help keep my mind focused during the day. This is the link you can find the From Grouchy to Great Verse Cards. I used postal tape to laminate them that way they would last longer. I wasn't sure what to do with them at first. I knew if I put them on the kitchen bar they would just get lost in all the other things laying on it. So I thought I would tape them in the places I am the most during the day. I put some in the kitchen,bathroom,and vanity area. This way I am sure to look at them,stop,and just breath in His Word.

Focusing while I clean up after meals.
I put one on the back splash at the kitchen sink since I spend a lot of time there washing dishes. Cleaning is therapy for me,yes even washing dishes. I pray there a lot too. ha!

Meditating on His Word while cooking.
I put this one right above the stove. I spend a lot of time here too,cooking. It's right in front of my face so I cannot miss it.

Setting my gaze while I prepare meals.
I placed this verse card on my medicine/spice cabinet in the kitchen. I stand here a lot to prepare meals,so I thought it would be a good place to put it. I can glance up at while serving our family.

Focusing on His Word.
This card is right at the kitchen pantry door and refrigerator. I stand here a lot to get things out of the pantry,to think about meals, and to get things out of the fridge. This is one of my favorite verses from the book of Psalm.

Setting my gaze while I plan.
Another favorite verse I placed on the cabinet that holds our glasses. I also have our food menu,church calender,and some prayers placed there. I'm so thankful for His Word I need it everyday.

Staying focused in the mundane.
Another place I am a lot is the bathroom. Bathing kids, wiping bottoms, and cleaning keeps me in and out of there. So why not stay focused as I do it? Or try too.

He is the light of the world.
I also spend a lot of time in the vanity area that is in our bedroom. Each time I turn the light off or on, I can focus on the words of Jesus.

Decreasing so He can increase.

This is on the other side of the vanity area. Another good spot where I have some other prayers too.

Won't you set your gaze upon Him?

This is the last verse card and I placed it by the hanging mirror in the vanity area. I use this mirror to put my make up on and fix my hair. Perfect place to remind myself to set my gaze on Him.

I am nothing without God and I can do nothing without His Word. My word for this year is intentional and this is definitely going to help me. I want to be intentional with my walk with the Lord. I want to grow and learn more than the year before. I'm so thankful for Ruth at The Better Mom for creating these and for Joy at Joy Forney for challenging us to set our gaze on Him.

What do you do to try and keep your mind focused on the Lord?

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Word for 2014

Intentional- done in a way that is planned or intended.

This is my word for 2014. I was thinking a few days before the new year about my life and the past year. I wrote a previous post about the good and bad of the year.  

I took a two day break from Facebook the two days leading up the January 1. It was actually nice. I was more focused on the important things in life. I decided to not log in onto Facebook through my phone during the day. I used it a lot on my phone. It was just so convenient. I posted a lot of pictures and re-posted a lot of inspirational pictures with quotes or scriptures. Still I was on it too much. I decided I would try something new. I am going to try and not use Facebook on my phone,but use the computer for browsing Facebook. I don't get on my computer as much since I actually have to sit and stop what I am doing.

God was impressing upon my heart to be more intentional with my life and the things that it is filled with. I want to be intentional with my husband,even more than I am now. With kids it is much harder to just spend time alone. I have to be intentional about it,just like being intentional about taking a bath. It sounds silly,but with all the distractions of today's world we have to plan,plan,and plan for the important things. If my husband is important to me, I will look at him while he is talking or put down the phone when we are having a conversation. I don't want to look back and wonder what happened? How did we drift apart? So many couples do that and they say I don't know him/her anymore. That is not what God desires. I want to continue to get to know my husband as he changes each year and I desire him to do the same.

I also want to be more intentional with my 3 boys. Oh, this one is hard. They want everything I have and then more. Some days I just feel like I have none left to give. BUT if I limit the sources draining my energy and put that energy into things that matter, I have found I do have what they need. Some days I want to just give them whatever they want that will make them happy so I can read or write or just enjoy quietness. That is not what God wants out of me as a Mother. I have to be intentional and not to my benefit. If that means putting down the phone or computer and playing army men, monster trucks,hide and seek, or reading to them, then so be it. I am a big supporter/proponent of set bedtimes. When the kids go to bed I have my time to read,write,browse,or do things that I need to concentrate on like grocery lists or meal planning. I have to be intentional about getting them ready for bed so by 8:30 I can kiss them and hope they fall asleep soon. That only gives me an hour or so,but it's better than nothing. I don't want to look back and regret not being present for my boys. I have found out you can give them all they want and they still desire one thing: you. They want you to play,read,or do something,but they want you doing it with them. They want us,Mothers and Fathers too. 

In general I want to be more focused and intentional. I get up earlier than the boys to do my Bible study/prayer and then look at what has to be done that day,this helps me a lot. I know I need time to myself and need to refreshed,so I must plan that time. If I focus and get things done it leaves more time to play with my boys. I want to focus on the important things. I want to be able to write more and read more. When I read I am inspired to write,so I  must be intentional about reading. What is this life about? What is most important? Not necessarily to me,but to God. Faith in Him,family,and friends. People. We are important to Him. So for me this year will be about being intentional with everything in my life that God has given me. My family,my home,my faith,and others- the people God has placed in my life. 

What is your word? What word has God been speaking to you about?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goals and Apsirations for 2014

I have always loved writing out goals or aspirations for the new year. I have kept each list since 2006 when I got married. I try to keep them realistic,but also ones that push me. We have sit down before and written out some family goals too. Some years have been more busy than others,but I try to at least do some for myself. Since my boys are getting bigger I decided involve them in writing the goals with us. We worked on them after supper at the beginning of the week. I tried to explain as best as I could about what we were doing. We got some great feedback and wrote about 10 goals. I have loved doing this in years past with my husband.

My goals are:
  • Read more
  • Read more with the boys
  • Continue leading Good Morning Girl studies (as long as it is not interfering with my wife/Mother duties)
  • Find time to exercise
  • Be intentional (more) with my husband,boys,and life
  • Be more focused during my prayer time
  • Be more careful about speaking and acting when I am angry
  • Not spend as much time on Facebook/Instagram just browsing

There aren't in any particular order. They may seem vague,but I have tried before with specific ones and then I get very disappointed if they aren't met. Like read 10 books for the year. I used to could do that,but with 3 boys,home schooling,and being on leadership at church that won't happen right now and it's not something that is life or death so I don't fret over it now.

Here are the goals that we decided on as a family:
  • Play more at the park
  • Eat out more together
  • Listen for God to speak
  • Learn 4 verses other than school verses
  • Not act on our anger
  • Do something for a family during Thanksgiving
  • Go stay at the beach at least once
  • Go see Trevor and Samuel (their first friends)
  • Be kind to one another
  • Go see snow

My oldest son,Daniel, made me so proud. He said he wants to hear God speak to Him like he did Samuel. We love the beach,especially when it is before peak season and there is hardly anyone there. We aren't big on laying out,but we like to find shells or just let the boys play and run. I love getting lots of photos of them and the beautiful beach. Their first friends moved to Missouri a few years back and they miss them. They said that goal has to be done! Oh and my oldest has seen snow before and really wants to see it again. He was only 2,but he can remember it. It snowed in 2010 or 2011 here in Alabama,but it wasn't pretty like it is in the North,East,and West. Here in the South it just does not stick. So he really wants to see snow,that would mean a road trip ha!

They seem pretty simple and short I know. We have some other family goals,but they are more personal so I didn't share those. I hope you all have thought about the new year and how you can strive to be more like Jesus. It's another year to not be the same and we never know when it's our last.

What are you goals? Do you do them? What about family goals?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Make the most of your year. Seek to glorify God in all that you do. Let Him transform your mind to the mind of Christ. Embrace His ways and let go of your own.

Blessings in your new year!