Monday, January 6, 2014

My Word for 2014

Intentional- done in a way that is planned or intended.

This is my word for 2014. I was thinking a few days before the new year about my life and the past year. I wrote a previous post about the good and bad of the year.  

I took a two day break from Facebook the two days leading up the January 1. It was actually nice. I was more focused on the important things in life. I decided to not log in onto Facebook through my phone during the day. I used it a lot on my phone. It was just so convenient. I posted a lot of pictures and re-posted a lot of inspirational pictures with quotes or scriptures. Still I was on it too much. I decided I would try something new. I am going to try and not use Facebook on my phone,but use the computer for browsing Facebook. I don't get on my computer as much since I actually have to sit and stop what I am doing.

God was impressing upon my heart to be more intentional with my life and the things that it is filled with. I want to be intentional with my husband,even more than I am now. With kids it is much harder to just spend time alone. I have to be intentional about it,just like being intentional about taking a bath. It sounds silly,but with all the distractions of today's world we have to plan,plan,and plan for the important things. If my husband is important to me, I will look at him while he is talking or put down the phone when we are having a conversation. I don't want to look back and wonder what happened? How did we drift apart? So many couples do that and they say I don't know him/her anymore. That is not what God desires. I want to continue to get to know my husband as he changes each year and I desire him to do the same.

I also want to be more intentional with my 3 boys. Oh, this one is hard. They want everything I have and then more. Some days I just feel like I have none left to give. BUT if I limit the sources draining my energy and put that energy into things that matter, I have found I do have what they need. Some days I want to just give them whatever they want that will make them happy so I can read or write or just enjoy quietness. That is not what God wants out of me as a Mother. I have to be intentional and not to my benefit. If that means putting down the phone or computer and playing army men, monster trucks,hide and seek, or reading to them, then so be it. I am a big supporter/proponent of set bedtimes. When the kids go to bed I have my time to read,write,browse,or do things that I need to concentrate on like grocery lists or meal planning. I have to be intentional about getting them ready for bed so by 8:30 I can kiss them and hope they fall asleep soon. That only gives me an hour or so,but it's better than nothing. I don't want to look back and regret not being present for my boys. I have found out you can give them all they want and they still desire one thing: you. They want you to play,read,or do something,but they want you doing it with them. They want us,Mothers and Fathers too. 

In general I want to be more focused and intentional. I get up earlier than the boys to do my Bible study/prayer and then look at what has to be done that day,this helps me a lot. I know I need time to myself and need to refreshed,so I must plan that time. If I focus and get things done it leaves more time to play with my boys. I want to focus on the important things. I want to be able to write more and read more. When I read I am inspired to write,so I  must be intentional about reading. What is this life about? What is most important? Not necessarily to me,but to God. Faith in Him,family,and friends. People. We are important to Him. So for me this year will be about being intentional with everything in my life that God has given me. My family,my home,my faith,and others- the people God has placed in my life. 

What is your word? What word has God been speaking to you about?

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