Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday

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I'm also thankful for the fire or trials of life. They are hard and difficult,but without that how would we know how good God is? How mighty He is? Of course I am not glad or happy I go through them. I, often times, whine or get angry,but afterwards when I see what God was trying to do,I do thank Him. Going through trials perfects our faith. Trials sharpen us and they purify us. They are never easy,but they are doable. With God you can make it through anything. Like the Casting Crowns song says, I will praise You in the storm. I've been through some storms in my short 28 years. In some of them I did praise Him through the storm and in others, shamefully, I did not praise Him,instead I was angry and hurt. After it was all over, I realized how foolish I was and just how human I was. We are to learn from the mistakes we make and trials help us do that. What are you thankful for?

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday- God's Word

It's been quite awhile since I have posted for TT. I have a chance this morning so here it goes!

I am thankful for the Word of God. I am thankful that it does endure forever. It will never be outdated! It is full of wisdom and guidelines for us to take in and live by. I don't think you can read it too many times or any book in it too many times. It's like water to a thirsty soul. At one time I had a lot of time on my hands and I read and read it. I would spend hours reading it,highlighting verses or passages,writing down verses to remember. It was a time I grew in His Word. Now, I don't have that much time,but I am getting back to reading it more. I always read something a day,whether it's a verse or not. It can get a little hectic with youngsters around the house. I pray for God to bring back to my remembrance the verses I have learned and hid in my heart during the day when situations arise or just simply to remember His Word. Don't take it fore granted. So many do not have the privilege we have of having 3 Bibles,much less 1 Bible. It's a treasure to be hid in your heart.

But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.  
   I Peter 1:25 

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

I am so tremendously blessed to be a Mother of 2 little boys and 1 in the womb. I never thought I would have been a Mother and never really had a desire to be. Boy, when I met these little fellas that sure changed. I would not trade it for anything. It's definitely not all fun and games,it's hard,enduring work for a life time. But I love it,I truly do. I have Daniel who is 3 years old,Aaron who is 18 months old,and Johnathan who will make his arrival at the end of June. I'm richly blessed. I know Daniel and Aaron love and adore me,as I am sure Johnathan will. Some days I do not know why they do. I can get short with them,yell at times,and not be the example I need to be,but I ask for God to help me everyday to be that example of Christ to them and a Godly Mother. I want my boys to know Christ first in the home,then elsewhere. I also have a wonderful husband who helps compliment me in my parenting. He is the best man God could have gave me for my husband. Mike is truly a blessing to me and the boys.

To all you Mother's out there, I pray you seek God in your daily walk. Without Him it is seemingly impossible to raise boys into men,Godly men whom seek to glorify God and lead their families or their lives to honor God. I pray it's a wonderful day!!

I received my gifts yesterday. My husband was expected to go on a special detail to the north part of Alabama.

                                                      Wearing my necklace my boys gave me. I have no clue how to rotate pictures or I would. Sorry about that!

My necklace up close. I love it!! 

This is what my sweet Daniel insisted on me having. I thought it was so sweet.

When they gave me the gifts Daniel was smiling so big. He said I bought you this because I love you. I just thought it was so sweet!! He kept telling me they got me the stuff because they love me. He gave me a big hug and a kiss. Blessed. Next year little Aaron will understand it all and wow I just may cry. Enjoy your day Mother's!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Fave Five

It's been sometime since I have posted for this meme. I miss it! So here we go!

  1. Waking up to a household that is not sick. We had the virus the week before and thank the Lord we woke up Tuesday healed!
  2. Spending time with my family. Tuesday we spent the evening with my sister and parents. We grilled and the kids had a great time!
  3. Quiet time with my Savior. Lately,I've been SO tired. I find that if I get up around 7 I am not so tired during the day and I get to read my Bible in the quiet.
  4. Watching the boys learn so much. Aaron will repeat anything you say at 18 months,he's so cute. Daniel is remembering things we talk about throughout the day and bringing them back up at bedtime.
  5. The beautiful weather we have had this week. It went from hot and humid to cool and sunny! I love nice weather!
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My previous post with an update and pictures.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

MIA- But I'm alive!

I have been missing in action for quiet some time. We've not been busy with much,I guess I'm just being a Mother and home maker. I miss blogging,but it's not something I can put on top of the list for now. I am able to use the computer more for pictures though. Aaron takes naps in Daniel's room and has been sleeping half of the night in there too with big brother. It feels nice to sort of have our room back. In 8 weeks that will change though. I am 31 weeks and Johnathan will be here soon!

We are all well. We had a terrible virus last week,but recovered finally. The weather is always changing here. Storms,sunny days,cold,hot,and then something different. It's cool right now and that is so odd for May in Southern Alabama,or any Southern states. I love it,so I am not complaining! I am fairly big and really do not like the warmer weather,so cool is fine with me. There were terrible tornadoes last week in north Alabama. It demolished many cities and towns. I can't imagine what they are gong through,but my husband may get to chance to see it first hand. He will more than likely go there with his fellow Troopers for a week. Hopefully, no more will come anytime soon. Prayers for them would be appreciated.

The boys are growing so fast. Daniel is almost 3 1/2 and Aaron is 18 months. It is crazy how fast they grow! They are so cute too. I have lots of pictures to share,but won't be able to share them all. We took a trip to Battleship Park last month and it was so much fun! It still is my favorite family trip! It's only our 2nd,but still.

I am still learning and growing in the Lord. I know I will never stop,but by now you would think I have somethings figured out. Guess not huh? He is always faithful to us and always takes care of us,yet sometimes I want it much quicker than He does. I get discouraged, disappointed,mad,or loose hope. I think to myself why can't I get it? God knows best. He is almighty! He is all knowing!! Then, I think about my kids. How there are certain things they know about me,but still don't believe or their actions don't show it. Funny, how God uses your children to make His point a lot. I am reading the book of Romans right now. I've read it a lot of times,but I don't think you can ever read the Bible or any book in it too much. I know this is a journey and I will have down days,but those are days I cannot forget God is in control.

Alright, here are some pictures!

I love this picture. This was at my parents Tuesday.

A bird nest we found at Mike's parents. Funny they used whatever they could to make it. 

It looked like a cocoon,but I am not sure. It looked neat though!

I love my wedding ring and band. My other camera did not take good jewelry photos.

Till death do me part...

Really love this picture.
This was on the Battleship. Aaron loved walking.

This was at the seafood place we had a late lunch. I love this picture.

The baby alligator we got to see while we ate.

Huge Battleship guns.

This ship was huge!

We loved eating here. It was right over the Bay.

The Blackbird decided to watch us eat a sandwich. Great photo too!

The boys looking at the baby alligator,I love this one!

Me and my boys. 

Mike and Daniel. They look so small!

Daniel had a blast this day!

Daniel and me,he's so handsome!

Daniel the Sailor.

Aaron and me. He is so cute!

Downtown Mobile buildings.

The big alligator we saw on the Gator Alley trail.

Entrance to the park.

31 weeks,this was yesterday.

If anyone knows how to make my pictures rotate,please tell me!! :)

Have a blessed one!