Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekend Links

Happy Fall to everyone! I hope it's turning a little cooler wherever you are and that you are enjoying the days getting just a little shorter.

Each weekend I will share some blogs or devotions that encouraged me during the previous week. I love to read and encourage others. I follow some great blogs and want to pass them along!

I know there a quiet a few, but they all were so encouragingto me this week! I hope you are encouraged as well. Have a blessed weekend!

His Joy Is Our Strength

Today I'm over at The Imperfect Wives writing about joy and marriage. Won't you come join us?

We all face trying times in our marriages. It can get messy and sometimes downright ugly. When you have two sinners living under the same rough, there is bound to be confrontation and frustration. I've been there and I know you have too. We don't have to stay frustrated with our husbands though. We can be joyful and make it through those difficult times.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Book Review For My Devotional

Today my friend Bethany will be doing a book review on her blog for my new devotional book. I'm thrilled to have her review my book!! We have been friends through the blog world for sometime now and this past January I joined the writing team she is apart of. I'm honored and privileged that she helped me edit and spread the word about my devotional.

 Do you ever feel the need to have a few quiet moments in the Word? Maybe you are a busy Mom who finds it hard to be alone as you are raising your children.  I'd like to share with you a new book by fellow blogger Heather Strickland that can help you through your difficult days. It is called At the Master's Feet.  You can go follow this link to read more.

You can find my book at Amazon (Paperback and Kindle) by following this link. You can also find the paperback at CreateSpace by following this link.

Monday, September 22, 2014

New Every Morning

I'm sharing over at Laced With Grace today. Won't you join us?

Many days when I lay my head down to sleep I have regrets. I think about the day as it unfolded and how I reacted to situations that came my way. Some nights I have more regrets than others and that upsets me. Have you been there? Do you cringe at how you reacted during the day to certain situations? Either your children disobeyed for the hundredth time or your husband didn't take the trash out again. So you just lost it. You either screamed or said hurtful things to your loved ones. You let your emotions get ahead of your mouth.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekend Links

 I hope you enjoyed the links I shared from last week. Here are some from this week that encouraged me a lot!

Choosing Joy: Part One by Leslie Ludy at Set Apart Motherhood.
12 Lessons I Want Our Son to Learn Before He Turns 12 by Lisa Jacobson at Club 31 Women.
Recognizing The Message of the Golden Trees by Sally Clarkson at Sally Clarkson
The #ILoveYouChallenge for Moms by Emily Wierenga at The Better Mom.
Relaxing in Your Homeschooling by Angela Richter at The Better Mom

Friday, September 19, 2014

Kicking Off the School Year 2014-2015

We survived the first week of school! I know this is something most parents say, whether they send their kids to public school or if they keep them at home. I know we all worry about how the day will go. I prayed a lot leading up to this school year. Last year started out pretty good, then things got crazy with moving and my oldest really hating school.We had a nice, long summer and I think we're all refreshed.

Since moving, the daily routine isn't so stressed. It's been more relaxing for us and it's been nice. I knew the school routine had to be relaxed too. So I began to look through my teacher's guide and plan out the year. I love to plan, especially school! I did more of an outline this year for our school year since the boys are getting older. I was able to get my two oldest on the same guide and it's been wonderful so far. I know home schooling looks different for each family and I'm trying to learn not to compare myself to other families. It's so hard at times, but I know it's best.

Our verses for the year. Handy on a key chain and laminated!

Our Home School Day

  • History
  • Bible
  • Unit Coloring Pages (Monday)
  • Scripture Coloring Pages (Wednesday)

  • Science/ Art/ Drama/ Thinking Games
  • Bible Study
  • - break -
  • Workbooks ( Motor Skills and Handwriting alternate)
  • Story time
  • Math 
  • Phonics

 I have a first grader and a kindergartener. It's hard to believe! Both are learning phonics this year. They do different Math works books along with different motor skills/handwriting books. It's been very nice doing it all at once instead of two different guides. Our curriculum of choice is Heart of Dakota. We love HOD! It's centered around the Bible and hands on. It's Charlotte Mason style and we love it.

My goal this year as we start school is to be relaxed. I don't want to make my children hate learning. I can read to them and I can get them to memorize verses, BUT that doesn't mean they actually learn it. I want to inspire them to learn. I want them to take it in. I want learning to be fun and intriguing. And yes it can be done even at an early age.

I wanted to share our day if anyone needed any ideas. I know some days it may go totally opposite of what I envision to happen, BUT I'm also learning that's okay. I also have been asking God to let me see my children as He sees them and not how I see them. That's not easy, but I think it's something we all can pray. 

Here are a few pictures from the week:

My Kindergarten boy.

My First Grade boy.

Learning about history and that Jesus is at the center.

Aaron loves the ABC's. He knows them all!

Our unit coloring pages we do each Monday.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Links

I used to do a series called Weekend Links where I shared great blogs I read during the week. I felt the need to do this again. So today I'm sharing some great blog posts that were very encouraging or helpful for me this past week.

I hope you were encouraged by these great blogs!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Imitating Christ In Our Marriage

I'm writing over at The Imperfect Wives today. Come join us and be encouraged!

As a Mama to little boys, I'm the first wife role model they see. Children are so impressionable, especially at an early age. Their little minds are blank, waiting to be filled with good or bad. We have a chance to impact them with our marriage and honor God.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Interview With Laura

I'm very honored to be guest posting at a friend's blog today. Laura is having me on her blog, Outnumbered Mom, today to answer some questions about my recently published book, At the Master's Feet: Encouragement For Your Soul. Hop on over here to read more about my book.

You can purchase the Kindle or paperback version of my book here at Amazon. The paperback is also available here at CreateSpace.