Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goals and Apsirations for 2014

I have always loved writing out goals or aspirations for the new year. I have kept each list since 2006 when I got married. I try to keep them realistic,but also ones that push me. We have sit down before and written out some family goals too. Some years have been more busy than others,but I try to at least do some for myself. Since my boys are getting bigger I decided involve them in writing the goals with us. We worked on them after supper at the beginning of the week. I tried to explain as best as I could about what we were doing. We got some great feedback and wrote about 10 goals. I have loved doing this in years past with my husband.

My goals are:
  • Read more
  • Read more with the boys
  • Continue leading Good Morning Girl studies (as long as it is not interfering with my wife/Mother duties)
  • Find time to exercise
  • Be intentional (more) with my husband,boys,and life
  • Be more focused during my prayer time
  • Be more careful about speaking and acting when I am angry
  • Not spend as much time on Facebook/Instagram just browsing

There aren't in any particular order. They may seem vague,but I have tried before with specific ones and then I get very disappointed if they aren't met. Like read 10 books for the year. I used to could do that,but with 3 boys,home schooling,and being on leadership at church that won't happen right now and it's not something that is life or death so I don't fret over it now.

Here are the goals that we decided on as a family:
  • Play more at the park
  • Eat out more together
  • Listen for God to speak
  • Learn 4 verses other than school verses
  • Not act on our anger
  • Do something for a family during Thanksgiving
  • Go stay at the beach at least once
  • Go see Trevor and Samuel (their first friends)
  • Be kind to one another
  • Go see snow

My oldest son,Daniel, made me so proud. He said he wants to hear God speak to Him like he did Samuel. We love the beach,especially when it is before peak season and there is hardly anyone there. We aren't big on laying out,but we like to find shells or just let the boys play and run. I love getting lots of photos of them and the beautiful beach. Their first friends moved to Missouri a few years back and they miss them. They said that goal has to be done! Oh and my oldest has seen snow before and really wants to see it again. He was only 2,but he can remember it. It snowed in 2010 or 2011 here in Alabama,but it wasn't pretty like it is in the North,East,and West. Here in the South it just does not stick. So he really wants to see snow,that would mean a road trip ha!

They seem pretty simple and short I know. We have some other family goals,but they are more personal so I didn't share those. I hope you all have thought about the new year and how you can strive to be more like Jesus. It's another year to not be the same and we never know when it's our last.

What are you goals? Do you do them? What about family goals?


  1. They are great goals, Heather. I have goals to and I do need to write them done. I like checking things off my list :)
    My word for 2014 is courage and I really want to step out with God's help. I do not want to be intimidated by other photographers and go with what I do best.

    1. That's a great word,Iris! What you said is a great goal. I want to step out too and not be intimidated. I know I will need His strength to do it.

  2. Great goals, Heather and I like that you have family goals. I had one for our family that I don't think I put on my posted read a Bible verse before each meal. Something simple but I thought it'd be nice to do together. We have a little loaf of bread with cards on them to use for this that my Dad gave me, I believe it was my great grandfather's.

    Glad to see you joining the LWG writing team too :)

    God bless,

    1. You know we talked about that too,Bethany. We just have to pick some out. It is such a great idea! I am very excited about joining the LWG team. :)


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