Thursday, March 18, 2010

Want to do a weekly meme

My husband and I have been doing the Love Dare Devotional. We're only in week 3,but I wanted to start next week and post the dare with some thoughts/questions. I would like for it to be a meme. I will have to get some help with the McLinky,so any help,just message me. Spread the word. I don't know how to do a button,but I'll title it the Do You Dare? and will do it on Tuesday's. So spread the word! Thank you!!


  1. Sounds neat, even though I'm not sure what a meme is! LOL. I'd like to join in though ... can I even though I'm not married?

  2. The Discipline Book is great. I really enjoy it. It's very pro-attachment parenting :)

    Oh and okay I get what a meme is now :)

  3. Hello Heather. There is an opportunity you may be interested in. Could you please get back to me using the email that can be found at Sincerely, Nick on behalf of DaySpring Cards


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