Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At the Well- God of Peace

I am a day late of the discussion question from our study! We had planned to go looking for vehicles yesterday and as we were going over to Mississippi to drop the boys off with his parents,we hit a cow with our truck. Yes, a baby calf. We were all okay and the headlight was the only thing that was damaged. The calf was okay when we left the scene,but I'm not sure. I felt so bad,but it was a sudden thing and we tried to not hit it. I'm just glad my family and I were okay. We shopped all day for a vehicle,the one God would have for us. He surely provided for us! We own a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer that was just the price we needed! Praise God for His timing and His provision!!

Now onto our study! :) Check out At the Well and the study we are doing. It is so awesome! God has taken this study and literally renewed my spirit and walk with Him. These ladies that give their time At the Well are such a blessing and I'm so thankful for them!

Today’s Discussion Exercise:
Complete the following statements:
My life before Christ… I was young when I received Christ as my Savior. What I can remember was I was selfish and very,very timid. I had a low self esteem. 

How I came to know Christ as  my Redeemer… I had been told about Christ at church and at home. I remember telling my Mom I wanted Christ to come into my heart. So one night in my bed when I was 10 years old she prayed with me. I did not know everything there was to know,but I did know that I was a sinner and needed His grace. I rededicated my life when I was about 22. After then I begin to really seek God and was surrounded by people who were sold out for Christ and I wanted that. So I left the "norm" of most Christians today and well, here I am. Pursuing a life that is radical for my Lord,no matter what others think.

My life since coming to know Christ as my Redeemer…Is so amazing! I have peace,grace,forgiveness,love,mercy,and can offer it to others through my actions and the Word of God. God had so richly blessed me with amazing parents,awesome siblings,a wonderful "other" family through marriage,the best husband,and the 2 best boys a Mama could want! Some days, I think God why me? What did I do to deserve this? He says it doesn't matter if you deserve it,I want you to have it! If not for God and His Word, I would not make it day to day. Do I fail? Certainly! But I get back up with the help of my Savior and go at it again. I truly love my life. I love where God has me right now. I have a God-fearing husband and 2 boys I get to plant seeds of LIFE into through Jesus Christ my Savior! What more could I ask for? Nothing in my opinion. We don't live lavishly,but we live abundantly through Jesus. He is our Provision! Have a blessed day!


  1. Blessings Heather... Sorry to hear about your accident but I don't think we're ever late for
    AT THE WELL study because it goes on all week.
    Probable less visit when it's later... but some like me don't even share this...

    This is so beautiful! What a beautiful REDEMPTION story! I love to hear about how those who receive Jesus as little ones, come to live it out as fully as YOU! Praise God!
    This is very encouraging! I have 2 adopted kids that are older than you and they prayed with me and at church & camp but neither are living for Him. I pray that they will recall
    & return to Our LORD & rededicate their lives!

    I love your enthusiasm for Jesus still strong since your rededication. May God continue to bless you and your blessed family abundantly!
    EnJOY a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

    So thankful God kept you all safe and is providing! I came for TT but I had to come here! I love your precious thankful heart and spirit!

  2. You hit a cow...oh my!!! I'm sorry, but I had to smile...that's one of those "only in Alabama things." Thankful everyone is ok!!!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. I love what you said...We don't live lavishly,but we live abundantly through Jesus...that is good!!!

    May we continue to walk in the lavish abundance our Savior has blessed us with!!!

    Love to you,


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