Monday, March 15, 2010

At the Well- Our Provision

Welcome to At the Well and our study God Who Are You and What Can You Do For Me? hosted by Jenifer @ By His Grace. It's been an amazing journey so far discovering more about God through His names. I have surely been blessed by this study and the ladies At the Well. Join us today!

Discussion Question: Are you totally relying on God to provide for all your needs? Is He sufficient enough for you or are you searching for more?

God is definitely sufficient enough for me. I am learning not to search for more because there isn't anyone besides God who can fulfill all my needs. If I didn't rely on God for all my needs I would be in a bind. We got married with hardly anything in our apartment. We had an entertainment system,t.v.,and a bed in our room. I didn't want a "wedding" with all the normal things. All I wanted was to marry my love. So the two of us were married in our apartment by a friend of ours who is a minister with his wife as the witness. I didn't want the bridal showers either. I was just very different when it came to that. We got gifts from family and friends for the kitchen so we had cooking ware. God blessed us with the things we needed along the way. Now, after 3 years our living room is furnished and so are both bedrooms.

During my first pregnancy I was not on my husband's insurance. We were only married 4 months before I got pregnant with Daniel. Working for the State sometimes can be difficult and they are slow with things like insurance. We were devastated and just did not know how we would pay for the pregnancy by ourselves. God had our back though,we just had not realized it yet. We were turned down for Medicaid and boy was I so angry! I was angry at the people I knew that were on it who would not work,when my husband busted his tail at his job. God finally showed me that I wasn't going to be rewarded by the world for living for Him. I was expecting the world to help us out,when it should have been God I was relying on. No later than 2 weeks from that time, our landlord came to my husband offering free rent in exchange for him being the courtesy officer. We were floored!! Of course he took it. We knew God was providing for us. Our rent money would pay the monthly visits! We had to pay the clinic off in 7 months time and with the rent money now going to those visits we were able to do that. It would equal $2500 for the clinic. We also had to pay $2500 before I delivered to the hospital. We knew God would provide though! He did through family and friends and we were able to pay the hospital off. I ended up with a c-section and we would owe more money. Oh that was  not good. We were literally broke even though God paid off the clinic and hospital. Thank God my parents were financially stable at this time and they lent us $1000 to pay for the c/s. We went to that office and that lady told Mike we did not owe anything. He kept telling her no we do,my wife had an unexpected c/s and we have to pay for it. She said sir if you want to pay you can,but you owe nothing! She took him back to her boss and they showed him our information on the computer. It said paid for on our account. When he told me I was blew away,but I knew our God had provided for us. So we took that money back to my parents,who in the following months would desperately need it. Now, you tell me do we not serve an awesome,all-knowing God??? YES we sure do!!! He has been taking care of us ever since then! I was on insurance about 3-6 days after I had Daniel. Just like my God! If we would have been on insurance,how would we have known how awesome He is and that he is our provider. Of course I knew that in my mind,but I had never been through anything like this,so know my heart knew. Oh I just get excited talking about it! So yes, He is enough for me! You are my supply,my breath of life, more awesome than I know!!

What are you waiting for? Why not let God be your provider? Be blessed!!


  1. What an amazing testimony. Thank you for sharing this. xo

  2. You have an amazing testimony to share. Yes...we serve an awesome God!

  3. What an amazing story of how God provides for His children!!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Praying for you this week as you continue on in your study.

    Much love,

  4. Ohh Blessings Heather...what a great testimony of how El Shaddai provides! You touched my heart from your trust in the wee beginnings of your marriage to the abundant blessing of your bills to birth your blessings of children! I love your honesty! Glad that you shared! What a miracle of God's provision and your words truly honor Him!

    Keep sharing how He provides with others facing hardships in these economic crunches!
    Glory to God, Our Provider! This encouraged me the first time I read it and again today... almost forgot to come back and comment! sorry:(


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