Monday, August 26, 2013

Putting On....

We have finished the Put On study that I started with the boys 8 weeks ago. I wasn't sure how it would go and I wasn't sure how much would stick with them. To my surprise it went well and they did remember what we talked about each day/week. I really recommend this for parents to do with their kids. My oldest boys are 5 1/2 and 3 1/2 and they loved it.

1. Compassion was our first character trait. This was something they really remembered. I would try to remind them to use their hands for compassion and not sinful actions. I traced their little hands and let them color them. The piece of clothing was a glove,so that is what we said these were.

Hands are for helping others and showing compassion.

2. Kindness was the second character trait we studied.The piece of clothing that represented kindness was shoes. I traced their feet and they just colored those. I reminded them to show kindness by going when someone called your name to help out or if you see someone who needs your help to go. I wish I could have find some foam shoes or something to decorate.

Our feet should move us to kindness.

3. Humility was the third character trait that we learned about. This was a little hard to explain even with help from the book. The piece of clothing that represented humility was a hat. I bought some foam hats and stickers from Hobby Lobby (my favorite store) and let them decorate the hats. I tried to remind them that being humble is knowing we are nothing without God.

Humility can help us be content where God has us.

4. Meekness was the fourth trait we learned about. The article that represented meekness was glasses. This was also hard to explain and help them to remember the difference from humility. I would try to remind them we cannot always see God's plan,but we can pray to see things from God's view. I found some foam glasses at Hobby Lobby and I was so glad! They decorated them with foam stickers. They really enjoyed this.

Meekness can help us see the bigger picture from God's view.

5. Patience was the fifth character trait we learned about. This was something that stuck with them. They knew what this was right off,which is funny. The article that represented patience was a watch. I tried to remind them that God has a lot of patience with us,so we should have patience with one another. I used some house hold items to trace a watch shape on the piece of poster board ( I should have written the items down I used ha!) and cut them out. They had fun coloring them.

Patience can help remind us to be patient and give others time to grow.

6. Forbearance was the sixth trait we learned about. The article that represented forbearance was a backpack. I really wanted to find some small backpacks for them to decorate,but I wasn't able to do so. I just bought a white gift bag and they colored it and put stickers on it. They were fine with that. I tried to remind them that we are not perfect people and we should try to bear (be patient) with others when they fail. We should not make excuses for them,but pray for them.

Forbearance can help us to remember how God is forbearing with us as we grow.

7. Forgiveness was the character trait that we learned about the seventh week. This was a good one. The piece of clothing that represented forgiveness was a belt. We made belts out of poster board. I tried to remind them that we all need a lot of forgiveness and that God gives as we ask Him to forgive us.

Forgiving one another holds us together.

8. Love was the eighth and final trait we learned about. The article that represented love was a jacket,reminding us to put on love. I tried to remind them that love is the greatest of all. God showed that by giving us His Son as a sacrifice. I found these jackets and thought they would work. I really wanted large brown paperback to make jackets out of,but I could not find them.

Love shows the world we are God's children.

Each week we added an piece of clothing or article that went along with the trait.

This study showed me that we may say we know what these things are,but it was hard to explain the difference in some of them. It was good for me too. I will definitely do it again with them.

Sweet boys!

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  1. I can't tell you how great I think this is. My daughter is 29 and I'm her stepmom. I didn't get the opportunity to raise her. I see so many young kids and young adults today and wonder if they have ever heard of any of these. Some have their parents sitting right there ignoring their behaviors. I just don't understand. I've been told (by the parents) it is "free expression!" In my day this was called being rude, but maybe I am just old. :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kim. You are so right. We are trying to teach our children that our nature is sinful and we have to have God's help to be all He wants us to be. We have to fight against our sin nature. We're old fashioned too. ;-)

  2. This is so good Heather! Where did you find the book? Great ideas!

    1. Bethany, a friend actually gave this to me. You can get them and more things at I believe. I know you can type in Doorposts at the Yahoo and find it. I loved it!


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