Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Fave Five

I have been so busy all day. My oldest has some type of cold that has made him bronchospasms at night,so I haven't even touched the computer much. I had this written out already and wanted to post. Please pray for Daniel. He is fine during the day besides a cough here and there. He is acting normal,has no fever,and isn't contagious. But the whole week at least once during the early morning he has woken up gasping for air,which is the bronchospasms. It's very scary for us,he doesn't remember it. We've got him on some medicine and he will start lung tonic as soon as Monday. My littlest one just has a cold,but he will start lung tonic too. So pray for him also. AND pray the other one does not get it. They are usually very healthy and do not get sick often. We try to do over the counter natural medicine or use an herbalist in north MS. He's great. Anyways. Just some prayer request to begin with. 

  1. Cooler Temps... We have had cooler temps,if you can call it that. It's been in the lower 70's at night and not so humid during the day.
  2. Family time... my hubby has been working a lot of overtime this month. We're like most families and trying to make ends meet,but we only have one income. Tuesday we had a family day. Mike took the big boys out to eat at Subway and I stayed home with Johnathan and played. It was so nice!
  3. Pizza... we also ordered pizza on family day. I love pizza! I usually make homemade pizzas,but I love to order out.
  4. Visiting family... My Daddy and Mama came by today after my Daddy's Dr. appointment. He did not feel good at all,but he spent plenty of time with the boys. We don't let them play the Play Station much,but I let them play with my Daddy today. Continue to pray for him. The Dr. says he has no Lyme (I don't believe that),but has Toxoplasma. It can be serious and the meds they will put him on can be dangerous. Please pray for him and my Mother and my family. I can't imagine the worst...
  5. Walking... I have come to love the in home walking! I started a 5 day walking plan this week. I've been walking 3 miles. Whew... it is tough,but it helps me sleep better for sure!
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