Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Doing the Unlikely For Our Husbands

Have you ever done something for your husband that wasn't quiet your cup of tea per say? Maybe riding motorcycles, hunting, golfing,or going to an art museum. Last summer I did something I have never done... I went on a canoeing trip. It was all in the name of love. For my husband of course. Our Pastor's wife set up a canoe trip for the younger couples in our church. My husband had off and mentioned he would like us to go. I sort of panicked inwardly. I kept seeing myself flipping out of the canoe and a huge alligator coming after me or hitting my head on the rocks. When it came down to the wire I decided I should do it.

                                                           Okatoma Creek Farm

I think it is important to do things with our husbands that they like to do, whether we like them or not. I like to be outdoors,but not floating down a river for 7 miles. I knew it was something my husband would really enjoy because he has a kayak and does that a good bit. I knew it was something he wanted me to do with him also. It knew it would show him that I love being with him no matter what we do. I decided not to let my fears or dislikes ruin an opportunity to show love to my husband. He has done many things with me that he may not like to do,but he has done them because he loves me. He enjoyed the time we were spending together and did not complain about what I chose to do.

Our marriages are not all about us. We are to serve one another and love one another. Isn't that what Jesus did? He did something He did not want to do. He went to Calvary and died a horrific death for us. He served His disciples while here on earth. He did things that were not the most comfortable things to do. It is about loving like Jesus. It is about showing our children how to love their spouse. They will watch us and our marriage,then pattern (more than likely) their own marriage after what they have seen. So it is very important to model a Christ like marriage.

Did canoeing necessarily enhance our marriage? No,the actual canoeing may not have,BUT it did show a selfless act. It did speak to my husband that I am willing to do and go where I may not like for him,my beloved. It encouraged him though that may sound odd. I would have done it when we were dating because we had fresh,new,young long. So why not do it now after 7 years of marriage? Our men need to know we just like to be with them. It helps them be a better Father when they feel loved,when they know we enjoy being with them. If we love them, we will respect them and they need that. A man that does not feel respected, will not be the man God wants Him to be,or Father,or husband. Love is not only a word,it is an action.

We had to communicate well so that we did not flip over and we had to communicate to steer properly by paddling. It felt good when we went over a rapid and worked together not to flip out. It felt good to know my husband was doing something he enjoyed. We had a good time and did not flip at all. We worked together as a team and he kept telling me how good I was doing. Communication is a huge key to a successful,Godly marriage. We have to communicate to our men how important they are to us and our children.

What says I love you to your husband? What is something you can do that you may not enjoy,but your husband has been asking you to do? I encourage you to take the opportunity next time it presents itself to do the unlikely for or with your husband. How can you encourage him this month as we celebrate Father's Day?

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