Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Moring Girls Online Bible Study

Today the enrollment starts for Bible study from Good Mornings Girls. It's called Loving Like Jesus and will go through some of the book of Luke. I participated in my first study last year. We began in the book of Luke and it became 3 separate studies,this one being the 3rd. I was so blessed by it. I love it because you are reading scripture and listening to the Holy Spirit for revelation. They are a wonderful group of women who just followed the leading of the Lord and now they are very well known on the internet.

If you haven't ever done one, I so encourage you to try it out. I will hopefully be leading a group. It will be the group I have been in since last Winter. I will take it over and lead this study. I am nervous and excited!! I get to encourage others and still be at home with my boys. All the info is on the blog,Good Morning Girls, today. So make sure you go there to check it out. If anyone wants to be in a group and you are on Facebook let me know. I will do my best to add you.

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