Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Childlike Faith

I wasn't going to write tonight because I am plum tired. We have been cleaning in our boys room. Oh my. We cleaned out their very cluttered,small closet. I also went through the bags of clothes that have been taking up space. It was tiring,but much needed. Their room is small and we wanted them to have some more space. Oh and now we can actually use the closet! I literally didn't sit down for supper until almost 7 and then folded clothes and washed up dishes. It didn't stop there, I did the 2 mile walk and I am beat! Well, I just had to share what God did for us today.

About a month ago our 2 oldest boys started asking for remote control cars for Christmas. They usually only get 1 big thing. We try not to make it just about getting,but giving too. We do shoe boxes and do so much pointing them towards the birth of Christ and His importance. So anyways. My husband was like oh that will be a great gift. I was thinking hmmm more stuff and less space ha! My husband is a kid at heart,so I knew he would definitely want to do it if we both agreed on it. I haven't thought much more about it,but my boys sure have. My oldest told me that he prayed God would give him a remote control car for Christmas. We don't do Santa Claus,though they know others pretend he gives their kids presents. So he went straight to the source.

Fast forward to today and my little boys prayer was answered. I step out on the porch to put the 10 bags of  clothes we were giving away to good will, I see 2 boxes with cars in them. I was puzzled. I stepped back inside (we live in an apartment) and asked my husband where did he get those cars from? He looked just as puzzled and he stepped out on the porch with me. There sat 2 remote control cars in one box and a tumbler with a remote control. We were speechless. If you know me,I am rarely speechless, I always have something to say. We had an idea of who left them,but she definitely had no clue that this was even brought up in our home. I was in awe of my God. I really wanted to run inside and tell my Daniel that God had brought him the remote control car. I was bursting inside! We put them in our outside storage closet really fast before the boys came out and saw them. My husband couldn't get over it either.

My God is so good. He is amazing. He is intricate. He is detailed. He is loving. What isn't He?! Just when I think He overlooks my life,He does something like this. He shows His love for me and my family through toy cars. Oh how I love You,Lord! I am crying. I am rejoicing. Those are just toy cars,but the act is a everlasting and deep and detailed love that my God has for me and my family. I stand in awe of who He is to me. He is so good. I can't say enough about His greatness! He is interested in the details of His children. He wants us to know just how much He loves us and how much He really pays attention to us. My boys are going to be so excited. I can't wait to be able to explain to them that God did this and not just so they could have cars,but because He loves them and that He listens to us.

This is not the first time that this has happened to us. A couple of years back our boys mentioned that they wanted some chalk to write with on the sidewalk downstairs. We said that was fine and we would have to get some. Not more than a week later a box of chalk ended up on our doorstep. Floored. Puzzled. Grateful. The person who left it stopped by to let us know she left it so they could write on the sidewalk. My husband told her that our boys had just asked for chalk. God loves to show us His love,yes even with chalk or toy cars. God builds our faith and He wants to build our children's faith. It just amazes me what He will use to say I love you and I am listening to you. God has been so good to us.I should never,ever complain,but I do. I just had to share this and praise God for His goodness. He is more than I will ever need.

What has God done lately to show you His love?

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  1. I so enjoyed reading this and am so glad you shared. This is just so wonderful and how exciting it will be for the boys to know this story in the future and always remember this!
    Praise God!

    1. I know I am so excited Bethany. More so to be able to show them God cares even about toys. :)

  2. Did you give them to the boys yet or saving them?


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