Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Week At Our Home

This is my first year to do anything Valentine related with the boys. Since they are old enough to understand, I decided to do somethings. Our theme is God Is Love. I wanted to do some cards,crafts,and food. I let the boys pick out family members to make cards for last week. They ended up making the Grandparents, an Aunt, and a family friend some cards. We had fun! I kept it simple with stickers and colored pencils. I found some small cards that had scripture on them from Rachel Wojnarowski's blog. They are adorable! I took some pictures and I'm gong to post them with a description of what we did.

These are the cards with scripture on them. There are 12 on a sheet. You just print them out. I glued ours to construction paper too.

Daniel making cards. They decorated them with stickers, then Daniel wrote on his. He made Ms. Rachel (family friend),Papa,Nana,Aunt Robyn,and Daddy a card.

Here's Aaron decorating one of his cards. He made Mama,Daddy,Johnathan,Mimi,Pawpaw,and Aunt Robyn a card.

So cute! They had fun. I just folded construction paper in half and tore it, then folded each half into a card.

These are 2 of Aaron's cards. I helped him write in them. I put the one scripture card inside each card.

You can see his work up close. ;-) 

I found a cute card design on Pinterest that I wanted to make for my husband. I love homemade things! The card design was here

The front of his card. :)

The inside. The cut out and design was so easy!

Another shot. I added some writing I printed off the computer, but forgot to take a shot of it. I glue it to each side of the heart. :)

Here are the boys goodie bags. I put some of the candy hearts,a few kisses,a note pad with pen,and an activity pad in there. Something small,but to show my love for them.

I saw this idea on pinterest and tried it. I put some kisses in the bags,tied them up, and stapled the tags on there. I typed up the tags on my computer and printed them out. Thought it was a cute idea. 

This is the original design. 

I made a Strawberry Ice Box pie for the week too. Saw this on Pinterest too.It's supper yummy and easy! I'll add the recipe at the end.

Add a little whip cream and ummmm.

We had strawberry and blueberry muffins this morning. I found this heart after cutting the strawberry. Thought it was neat! 

I didn't want the boys to necessarily think the day was about getting. I wanted them to give more. That's why we did the cards. They also colored a teddy bear with a heart that says I Love You and gave it to my husband. I made them a card a piece and put a scripture card in it too. We don't do every holiday and the ones we do are done differently than how most people do them. I thought this was a great month to focus on love and God's love.

Strawberry Ice Box Pie
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 tub of whip cream
1 pack of kool-aide (whichever flavor you like, I used strawberry this time)
1 graham cracker crust

Mix the ingredients in a bowl very well, then scoop into the pie crust. Cover with lid and put in the freezer over night. Add toppings if you please. The one online had whip cream and strawberries.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and love day! We are spending it at home. Then the next evening we will have a couple's banquet at our church, kid free! It will be nice!


  1. These are awesome ideas. I love the homemade card for hubby, but I have a silly question. My hubby is not a fan of homemade things like that. He likes coupon books but we've done that idea so many times it's gotten old. What do you suggest budget friendly for a man who isn't into homemade gifts or even cards for that matter?

  2. :) These are such great ideas! I like the cards you all made.

    Thanks for sharing the links. I used to make a strawberry pie and I cannot think where I got the recipe. It was easy too. One time when I made one and Caleb was little, he got into the fridge and I found him sitting on his knees with pink all over him!

  3. How fun! We made cards today but I forgot to take pictures. I will have to do that tomorrow :)

    Megan- how about a special meal? Josh always loves it when I make his favorite meal (chicken fettuccine alfredo)or a special steak dinner.

  4. Thanks y'all!

    Megan- Mike hates for me to buy cards, he would rather me make them. I do a lunch or supper he likes for some his birthday or Father's Day sometimes. Maybe a photo of you two in a frame ten paint it or write on it. You can get blank ones at Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby. I did that for his birthday one year.

    Bethany- That is too cute! This one is so good. I love it! So do the boys and my husband. How is your Valentine stuff turning out?

    Hollie- I would love to see your cards! Mike loves when I do a special meal for him.

  5. Just wanted to tell you I printed off the card you made for your hubby and made one myself! It was easy, cute, and fun! I am going to pin the link, maybe Caleb will use that for the family card next year.
    I'm going to do a post on our mailboxes, I started one and didn't get it finished! May be after the 14th, oh well!!!

  6. That's great, Bethany!! I loved doing the card! I somehow managed to get mine up early ha! No matter if it's "late" I can't wait to see your stuff!


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