Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Fave Five

I missed doing this last week. I was so busy that day with grocery shopping,then paying bills, and spend some time outside of the home with the boys. So here are my favorites from the week.

  1. Great worship time at church Sunday... I love being able to focus and just worship my Lord.
  2. Getting a hair trim... I could never find someone here in our city,so I go 40 minutes back to our hometown to an "Aunt" for my hair styling. I looooove my hair washed,cut,and fixed. It's like a spa day for me. I am trying to let it grow out,so just a trim was all I needed.
  3. Some quality time with my husband... I love being able to just sit with him or talk to him without interruption.
  4. A belated birthday gift... Daniel's bomber jacket we ordered arrived yesterday and he was in total shock! It has patches and he is adorable in it. I love seeing his face light up.
  5. Making love cards... The boys and I have been making valentine cards for the Grandparents and for my husband. It's been fun! I even made my husband a pop up card. I love doing homemade stuff!
Join us and link up with Susanne @ Living To Tell The Story for this meme. Have a blessed weekend!


  1. what a fun fave list! homemade Cards are the BEST!!!! i also savor worshipping the Savior!!

  2. You have quite a few of my personal favorites on your list--time with my dh, a haircut, and worship. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. I love to worship, too.

    I enjoy getting pampered at the salon. It is very difficult to find someone you like. I'd drive 40 miles too.

  4. Sounds like a great week :)

  5. I love the worship part of service too! So much fun to see the expressions from unexpected gifts. I can't believe valentines day is already creeping up. I better get with it!

  6. I agree, the whole process of getting my hair done is wonderful.
    Nothing like a beautiful time of worship.

  7. Homemade cards with the kids is a great idea! I'll be that's been fun. And it teaches such good lessons to the kids, too.

    That quality "talking time" is so important, especially when you have a busy household full of kids! The kids would laugh about us taking a "grocery store date," but it didn't matter where we went, we just enjoyed being together and talking without interruption. Have a great week, Heather!


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