Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Fave Five

`Share your favorites from the week with us and Susanne @ Living to Tell the Story. I love doing this each week,when I get too do so.

  1. Vacation Bible School... We decorated Sunday after church for VBS. It was my first to decorate for it. The former church I went too did not have VBS. It was so much fun!! This is my boys first one to attend also. They are loving it!! It's great to see my kids thriving,but it's sad too. They are getting bigger.
  2. Pizza... We ordered pizza after church so we could stay there and get right on decorating. I looove pizza!! It is one of my all time favorite foods.
  3. Sun... I do love a good summer rain shower,but it has been raining for the last week and a half. Today we had a break in it! We had a lot of sunshine and NO rain! I still long for cooler/cold weather though.
  4. New recipes... I tried out a corn casserole recipe from our Pastor's wife. Oh it was so good! It's so simple too!!
  5. French toast... We had French Toast one night this week for supper. My boys wanted breakfast for supper. I have found a yummy recipe a year ago and it's simple too! 
I must admit I love food. I have learned to watch my portions though. :) I love trying new things! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Here are my 3 boys at Vacation Bible School this past week.

Aaron at our Sonwest Roundup VBS.

Daniel at VBS this week.

Johnathan at VBS this week.


  1. VBS is the BEST!! You'll have to post that corn casserole recipe, Heather. I'm a big fan of pizza, too. And sometimes you just have to have it.

    Have a great week ahead, Heather. (Check your link on Susanne's linky -- I had trouble getting over here and had to find an earlier comment to find you, Heather.)

  2. VBS is great! Your boys look so happy.
    Like Laura, I had to find another way to get to your blog. I think your link just sends us back to Susanne's blog.
    Natchez Trace Parkway is indeed in MS. The northern end is in Tennessee which is where we started and drove south. We followed it about halfway and then moved to the highways. It was my first visit to MS--we stayed in Vicksburg.

  3. PS: Just saw your new link-it's working OK.

  4. What great pics! My kids used to love VBS. I'm very grateful to the church a couple of blocks from my house who wasn't our home church but still welcomed my kids with open arms! They had so much fun.

    Pizza is my all time favorite food. I can eat it anytime! And you'll have to share that corn casserole recipe. I love corn too!

  5. Such cute photos of your kiddos. I bet Johnathan loved sitting on the saddle.

    Our church hasn't had VBS for a few years now. I miss seeing the groups of kiddos enjoy and learn about God. There are a few larger churches in our area, though, that always do a great job at VBS.


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