Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feeling Second Best

Our church had Vacation Bible School this past week and it was my boys first time to go to any VBS. I wasn't sure if we would go every night since it's a 45 minute drive there and a 45 minute drive back. At the last minute I decided we would try to go each night. The hubby had off Wednesday and Thursday and was able to go with us. It was truly a great time!

I wasn't sure what I would do while I was there. My oldest 2 were going to a class,but my youngest was not old enough (He just turned 2 last month). I took him to the nursery and we had several other babies in there. Everyone of those babies wanted their Mother. Mine would have been the same way if I would not have been in there. So I decided to help out Ms. Tena with them since everyone had something to do. At first I will admit, I was a little down about it. I wanted to do something more or something that seemed to be more. I kept thinking I am just helping with the babies. After Monday night it was clear she needed my help,so I went back in there each night. Looking back I cannot believe I thought that. Just taking care of babies?

Sometimes I feel the need to show the world I can do more than take care of babies,since that is what I have done for the past 5 years. Change diapers,fix bottles,rock to sleep,get up in the middle of the night,and the list goes on. Anyone else with me? It is isn't something that is looked at very highly anymore. It's actually looked down on in America. So there is a little part of me still has to fight that battle in my head at times. By Tuesday night I told my husband how I was feeling. He told me that is what I was good at,taking care of babies and there is nothing wrong with that. He told me what a good Mother I am and that he is proud I am good at raising children. What? Me? Good at that? I feel like I fail SO much every day. I know I do.

So Wednesday night I had a different mindset. I was there to hold those babies and play with them ( I was doing that anyways) without feeling like I had to prove myself. I am a Mother. That is who I am. Yes, I am a wife too,but I feel that I am a good wife (there is always room for improvement though). I don't struggle to give my husband time or to make him happy. I guess because it isn't as hard for me to do that. With children you are constantly giving of yourself. Changing them,picking out clothes,cooking,cleaning,and teaching. I am literally raising human beings who will have to function in society. That is not easy my friends. Most of you know that already.

I just want to encourage you not to feel second best. What we do as Mothers is so vitally important. What God wants from us is that we give Him glory in all we do. When I am taking care of my boys, I am to remember I can glorify God while doing so. I am being His hands and feet to them. Someone has to teach our children about God and His ways. Someone has to teach them what it is to live their life for Him and to be in love with Jesus. They need us. As hard as it can be most days, our children need us teaching them,holding them,playing with them,and loving them. I was so glad my Mom was able to stay at home with us while we were growing up. It didn't seem like much then,but now I see how important it was to us.

Love those babies.
Kiss those babies.
Hug those babies.
Most importantly pray for those babies.
They will soon be men and women raising another generation.

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  1. Yes, yes and yes. I wish more mommies (and even non-mommies) would realize this! May we bring up a different generation that sees just how much a difference being a mommy can make!

  2. :) Thanks Chelsey for the comment. I pray more will begin raising their children knowing they are important and that the children know how special they are.

  3. OK Heather, you're talking my language here. I work with preschool children and this summer I'm teaching during summer camp. The children are with me all day (at least 90% of them). The parents work. But I get to teach them, love them and spend much quality time with them. They learn by example. There are free times during the day when they get to simply play with one another. I often watch them and hear them as they imitate being the teacher. I'm amazed at how they notice everything!

    Blessings and love,

  4. Thanks for commenting,Debbie. It is so important the effect we have on children. My MIL works at a T.A. at an elementary school and loves it. It takes a special person to do what you do. So many children need the love you are giving them. Keep on being your sweet self!

  5. I think those feelings you talk about are one reason God commandes older women to teach the younger women to lo e their children. By our nature we undervalue these precious blessings God has given. So often we give lip service to the Christian idea that children are a blessing but we rarely act on it.

    1. Very true,Hollie! I know I have said they are blessing before,but didn't really mean it. It's hard to find a Titus 2 woman now days,but God commands it.


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