Monday, June 24, 2013

He Will Meet Our Need

This is a verse that over the last 5 years I have been learing. It's not been easy to learn God will truly supply all that you need. It's hard. It's tiring. It's glorious. We're a one income family and that can be tough. At times I have thought about trying to bring income into the home. When I tried to do so,it failed. I would get so frustrated. I couldn't understand why it would not work for us. I finally just backed off the idea. God had always taken care of us no matter what. I don't know why I couldn't just let Him continue to do so.

I have been reading Pain Redeemed by Natasha Metzler. If you have never read her blog, you have too. She is so inspiring and is very gifted by God when it comes to writing. In her book she talks about miracles. That's when it struck me. When we try to meet our own needs, we miss the miracles of God. That's not to say we cannot try to make extra money,but sometimes God may not want us too. He wants us to trust Him completely. I kept thinking if I could just make a little extra money making jewelry we could start saving more a month, but God saw differently though. When we don't trust God with every area of our life, we can miss some very amazing things He wants to do. There were many times when we were first married that I wasn't sure at times about certain financial issues. God did above and beyond our needs. Just last year I had to have mouth surgery and it was going to be quite expensive. I had to go to an oral surgeon and was so scared of the cost. It was much higher than I thought too,but God took care of all of it except $283 exactly. Then, we got a refund for a hundred dollars in the mail. I was so thankful and so surprised. I shouldn't have been surprised. God loves us and He wants to meet our needs. God just wants us to trust Him.

We're waiting to find a home now. It is so draining at times. We found one that seemed perfect. It was so us. We started on the process and God put a halt to it. We hit that brick wall pretty hard. We both were so bummed and upset. We knew that we shouldn't push it though. It was almost like God pulled the carpet out from under us. The only thing I keep hearing from God is wait. I'm not a very patient person,even after being a Mother for 5 years. I have no clue when God will move us or if He will. I am trying to be content where we are in our very small apartment with 3 boys. I believe if we are faithful in small things, God will make us ruler over bigger things. So that is what we are doing. Easy? No. There are days I want to scream so loud get us out of here! It's a small apartment with 5 people and it can get cramped. We love hosting people,but that also can be hard at times. God knows best,I just have to remind myself of that daily every second of the day.

My parents raised 3 kids in a small 2 bedroom mobile home until I was in the 7th grade. We moved into a larger mobile home,but still only a 3 bedroom. I know God will sustain us if He sees fit for us to live here longer than we want. It's not easy praying God whatever You want with this house situation. It's much easier to pray Lord, show us the house you want for us. Isn't that part of dying to self? Praying God's will over our own no matter how hard it is. Refinement is not easy,but it is necessary. 

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