Saturday, June 15, 2013

Friday's Fave Five

It has been sometime since I have written much on my blog. I just got busy and was not able to dedicate time like I wanted too. Life is always changing. This week I have written every day. So I wanted to keep the trend going. :)

  1. Great Sunday service... I love hearing our Pastor preach,he is so passionate. We spent the day with his family and then my husband spoke at church that night. I love my husband. He talked about his job a little bit and how he wants to impact others for Christ. He's a State Trooper here in AL. 
  2. Coffee... I know I have said it's a favorite many times,but I so enjoy my morning coffee. I love trying new creamers by Bailey's. I have Caramel and Irish Creme right now. Ummm!
  3. Bible study... it's our 2nd week in our summer study. Our little online group is studying James. I am a part of the Good Morning Girls online study. I love studying the Word,verse by verse or in chunks. It's definitely been convicting and encouraging!
  4. Family... We went to see my parents yesterday. It was so hot,but we went for a swim. It was so nice. The boys ran,played,and went swimming. I love going back to my first home. I love all the woods,the pond,and seeing my parents.
  5. T.v... I love to cuddle on the floor with my boys and watch a movie or something. We did that tonight. They are so sweet and love to do it too. We watch a movie every week.
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  1. Life does change and go back and forth from busy to more relaxed times. It seems our last little bit has been busy too.

    I love studies that challenge me. James is one of my favorite books to read.

    Movie time with the kids was always a fave with me too.


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