Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Fave Five

This is a favorite each week of mine to write about.

  1. Sunday evenings... we had no service Sunday evening. It was our softball Sunday,but it was so hot that we had dinner on the grounds instead. My hubby had to go to work,but the boys and I enjoyed a relaxing evening. I loved it.
  2. Rising early... I have made it up each week early enough to do my Bible study,pray,and write on my blog some. I love getting up early and having the peace and quiet before my loud day begins.
  3. Friends... We had a couple over from our church (who we have known for awhile before hand) Tuesday evening. We had a good time of talking,eating,and watching the kids play. I love having friends that are like minded in so much.
  4. Playtime... my boys love playing like we are various animals and we play this a lot. Imagine me crawling around on the floor making cow,deer,or bear noises. We make us a home and pretend to be finding food or running from other animals/people. It's these memories my boys will remember though it's not so easy on the knees. 
  5. Moms Night Out... wooo hoooo! The homeschool group I stay in touch with has this once a month if they can and they are having it Friday night. My hubby happens to be working a day shift and I will be able to go kid free to it. I am looking forward to some more fellowship with like minded ladies and barrels of laughs.
Join Susanne @ Living to Tell the Story for Friday's Fave Five. Glean back over your week and share some of your favorites.

I will be having a guest posting next week. It is my first time to do so. Stay tuned for more details!


  1. Enjoyed your faves! there is nothing like good friendships from church and a mom's nite out!! ENJOY!!

  2. Even moms need a night out sometimes to recharge. We live across the street from our towns ball field and often stroll over to watch the girls play softball and the men play baseball. It's a wonderful way to spend an evening.

  3. I love being up early for some quiet time as well.

    Getting together with friends, playing with the children, a mom's night out all sounds like great fun.

  4. Like minded friends are the best!

    Don't hate me, but I always love a Sunday evening off. My deal is, can't we just stay Sunday morning longer and get it all done?

    I'm an early riser. I can get so much more accomplished when I'm the only one up.

  5. Hurray, heather, on rising early every day this easy week. Like you I've found great value in doing this. I just wish that habits were easy for me to keep.

  6. Kids love it when we get right in there with them in pretend games. Good for you for doing that with them. Animals are always a favorite around here too with the dayhome kids.

    I am so not an early riser but the nice sunny mornings are giving me a desire to give it a try this summer.

  7. Good job getting up earlier this week. My days always go better if I get some quiet time w/the Lord in first thing.

    How nice that you will be able to go to the Mom's Night Out. Moms need a break sometimes. :)


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