Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday- Father's Day

Since Father's Day is Sunday I will write about that today. I truly am thankful for my Daddy. He worked hard for us while growing up. He was a carpenter and took pride in his work. We didn't have a lot of money, we were middle class I guess you could say. Mama stayed home with us and Daddy worked. We took summer trips to Black and Red Creek in the aluminum boat. We fished at home in our pond and we rode the 4-wheeler. We went hunting with him and sometimes to work with him. He wasn't always a very emotional man or very tender,but we did know that he loved us. Our needs were always met and we were taken care of. He came to know the Lord about 2007. He's changed a lot since then. He doesn't use foul language and has changed his music style and what he watches on t.v. He's more caring and a lot more friendly. It's amazing what God can do to someone. He's a great Papa to our boys,who adore every inch of him. I wouldn't want another Daddy then or now.

My husband is also a wonderful Father. He works hard,plays with the boys,and loves them. He always tells them how much he loves them. He rough houses with them and guides them. He can be hard on them,but it's because he loves them. I definitely wouldn't want another man to father my children. They play baseball together, they wrestle together, they read the Bible together,and watch t.v. together. The boys want to be just like him and pretend to be a Trooper all the time. I'm blessed to have a man who sees the importance of his impact on our children. He prays for them and with them. I see a lot of my Daddy in him too. I couldn't ask for more.

I hope all you celebrate your Father's and husband's this weekend! If you can't say much good about them,pray for them,and try to understand them. Link up with Iris @ Grace Alone for more thankful posts.


  1. What a wonderful blessing to have such an awesome father and husband. God is so good and it is wonderful that you recognize that blessing. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Such a nice blessing to have a loving father and husband!



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