Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday

How did Thursday sneak up on me? It seems like it was just Sunday! I hope everyone has had a great week thus far. Join Laurie and the rest of us as we share our thankfulness today.

I'm so thankful for a church family this week. We just recently found a church after being out for about 2 years. We live in a urban, city area and just couldn't find one where our family values lined up with the body. We had to go back to our small hometown to find one. We have a wonderful church family, most of them we know, and a wonderful Pastor. He is actually a close friend of ours. He and his family are wonderful. We got to spend Sunday morning and church and that evening also. We were meant for relationships. We cannot do this life alone. I hard grown cold towards the church (not the actually body, but more less the churches we had visited). It seemed like they were run as a business and not very family friendly. We love our church because it has many loving people in it. They want to see others taken care of physically and spiritually. It's been so nice to be in worship service with believers again and being able to have friendships again. It's so nice to serve again and have my boys learning more of the Word. God has more in store for us than I think we even know. It's exciting! It's something I have taken fore-granted, that I shouldn't.

Have a great day!


  1. That's a wonderful blessing! There are SO many churches in our area and we settled at a small church. The people are so loving and supportive and I'm thankful for that group.

  2. I so agree - I think that is why I like smaller churches - so much more personable and easy to meet people - family! Bless You!

  3. I am so happy you found a church home! That is so important to have an extended family. We are very blessed with a group of people that embraced us and we have built so many wonderful relationships. Great TT! Simply God's Girl


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