Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Daniel Paul!!

My first born son,Daniel is 3 today. Wow! It's amazing how fast time can go! He has grown so much since that day in the hospital when we first laid eyes on him. He's a special little boy.

He was just a day old here.

This was Christmas. How times flies!

Here is about his birth I wrote,that I like to share.

 I wanted to take time to write about Daniel's birth. I wrote about it right after he was born,but not in a lot of detail.

I decided on using a Certified Nurse Midwife,whom a friend of mine had used. She's a Christian lady and likes to do things naturally. I also wanted a Doula or Child Birth Assistant. I have a dear Sister who is aDoula and Midwife. She gladly wanted to work with me. I wanted atotally natural experience with little intervention as possible. Home births are illegal here in Alabama so I could not go that route. I did want to stay home as long as possible because we did not do a lot of the routine procedures or we did not want too. I did not want any medication (epidural or spinal block) and I did not want an IV hooked up. I wanted to try every position I could during the pushing process. We did not want any vaccinations given to Daniel and did not want him leaving the room without one of us. I was going to breastfeed immediately after Daniel was out and we did not want to cut the cord until it was through pumping on it's own. I was opposed to a C-section unless it was absolutely medically needed,which myCNM,Doula,and husband agreed. We had researched and got information from my CNM and Doula on all these decisions. That mixed with a lot of prayer, guided us to our decisions. They weren't popular with a lot of family,but we're trail blazers. So with all that info,we'll go into how it all begin.

Thursday the 24th of January we went to my doctor's appointment. My "due date" was on January 20th,so by some people's thoughts I was over due. I was so tense that Cindy,Certified Nurse Midwife, could not check my cervix. I hated that procedure and for some reason just could not loosen up. She had not been able to check me at all at any appointments. When it comes to pain I am a wimp. After she tried to check me, she got a call from the hospital about one of her patients in labor so she had to run. We made the appointment for next week and we went on home I think. We may have stopped for some lunch,but can't really remember. (Cindy, my CNM, had home births with all her children and delivered her last one. So I was really excited to be using her!) When we got home, we just relaxed on the futon and put our Kutless dvd in. We were actually thinking about going to pick up Mike's youngest sister,Heather, so she could spend the night with us. We never did and ended up taking a nap. We laid down at like 4:30 and at 5:30 a gush of water come flooding out. I woke up and thought oh no my water has broke! I called myDoula(child birth assistant),Tammy, and told her what was going on. She confirmed that my mucus plug had come out or was coming out. She was making her way to our apartment too. I then started having minor contractions. I wasn't scared,but just trying to relax. Mike was very helpful and supportive.

Once Tammy got to our home, the contractions become more intense. She tried to check to see if I had dilated,but I was once again too tense. She was really worried because Cindy had not been able to check me at all. Mike and her went up front and discussed it. I had no idea of course that they were worried. They both wasn't sure how I would do in the future. I remember I kept quoting Bible verses during the contractions and just praying to God for strength to endure them. Tammy stayed that night for my comfort. Tammy is also a midwife. We went to church with her at Riverside Full Gospel while we were dating and engaged. She has 7 children of her own anddelivered the last one by herself with her husband's help. So I was very confident if needs be, I could have Daniel Paul at home. I did not get a lot of sleep,nor did Mike, I was having contractions off and on. I slept some in short amounts,but not a long period.

Friday my contractions slacked off and were not as hard. Tammy had to go home to check on one of her kids and she said that would be back that afternoon. Mike helped me breath through the contractions and we just prayed and prayed. Tammy made it back to our home around 3 or 4 and the contractions picked up again. All day I practiced not tensing up during contractions so that Tammy could check my cervix that afternoon. God really helped me and gave me grace. She was able to check me and I was at 6 cm. at 6 p.m. on Friday. She told me to get up and walk some. Once I did that the contractions weren't so intense. I tried to eat some,but just did not want anything. I did drink some water and juice. She had the birthing ball,which I got on and it really helped. She also suggested a warm bath. So I tried that and Mike poured water over my belly. Oh the contractions were still coming strong! Once I got out of the tub I felt like I was on a high. It was the strangest thing. I felt so good and light. That lasted for about 30 minutes. I sat on the ball again and they took turn rubbing my lower back. Oh the pain there was so much! It was freezing cold outside and it begin to rain! Around midnight Tammy checked me again and I was at 8 cm by then. Wecontinued with the birthing ball,baths,and breathing through contractions. Writing this all out really makes me feel like I'm doing it again right now!

Around 2:30 Saturday morning we headed to the hospital. The contractions were so hard and intense. They just were not regular. Cindy was on her way too. Oh trying to make it down the stairs and to the truck while it was raining,almost sleeting was an adventure.My the pain. Who would think such a little baby could bring all that pain on? We finally got in the truck and on the way to the hospital. There were some problems at the desk. Ugh, I was just ready to see Cindy. They got me a wheel chair,but it hurt to sit. So I walked half of the way and rode the other half. They were shocked I was walking! We made it to the room and went over the birth plan with the lady in there. Nurse I guess,she wasn't mine though. We made sure that what we suggested would be respected and we had no problem. She asked me to pee in a cup and I tried,but I just could not urinate. Oh I was hurting too! Cindy made it in there and I was so happy! We only had Cindy,Tammy,Mike,and Maryann,the nurse. Cindy advised me not to pee in the cup. It was going to be almost $250 and Cindy said I did not need too. I walked and sat on the birthing ball over and over. We knew before hand that Daniel was in the face up position and had not turned. Cindy and Tammy both said I could deliver that way,it just may hurt more. Cindy had me lay down so she could check me and I was still at 8 cm. My water was still intact also. Cindy was worried about me up till this point. She told Mike she just wasn't sure how much I could handle. I just kept praying for God's strength and His mercy.

They figured out laying down made my contractions harder,so they had me lay on my sides. They were trying to get Daniel to come down with harder contractions and maybe turn. He was pretty high still. They went on for hours. They were laying hands on my belly and praying for God's will to be done. It was really amazingHis presence was so strong in that room it was unbelievable! Who knew a labor and delivery could be that way? I imagined that's what God had in mind all along. My sweet husband did so good! He was coaching me on and helping me breath too! They all took turns rubbing my back. I was so proud of Mike! He thought he would be scared,but I knew better. With all the training he did in Patrol Academy,I knew he would be prepared for this. I want to bottle up that time in the delivery room and never let it go. It was truly a wonderful experience! They tried to turn him from the inside and out,but it was not working. We kept praying God's will be done and for us to be safe. So around 10 that morning we were having to make some decisions. I had been laboring since 5:30 Thursday. They all saw I was wearing down and I can't remember everything due to that. Cindy wanted to either break my water or get an epidural which would lead to pitocin. We were dead set against that. We both knew I could not handle the hard,abnormal contractions. She left the room for us to talk. Tammy stayed in there with us. I just didn't know what to do. Mike knew something had to be soon because Daniel was not coming down for some reason and I was wearing down. I mean what was I supposed to do? I just wanted to have Daniel natural and my dream of that was not happening right now.

We decided to try for breaking my water. Right as Cindy tried to do so,it broke! It came gushing out! The contractions just weren't regular,but they were hard. I had the urge to push not long after my water broke. I used the birthing bar,the birthing stool,hands in chest position,squatting position,and I think that's all. Oh to push,felt so good! Mike was right there with me! At 1:oo Cindy said we needed to go with a C-section. She was so upset about it because she knew how badly I did not want one. She teared up some,but Mike had made the decision. He knew I couldn't handle much more and he wanted me to be safe too. I never verbally said yes,my pride would not let me. I did shake my head and knew that God would take care of us. Forrest, he would give the spinal block, came in and talked to me about it. He was very nice. I had to try and sign the paper! I'm in the middle of contractions and just shaking my head. I'm thinking, hello I don't care, if you're going to do something,then do it! Then, the 2 surgeons come in, Dr. Clarke and Dr. Taylor. They introduced themselves and told me I was in good hands. They were very nice and comforting. They wanted to put me in the wheel chair to go to the operating room,but I just couldn't sit. So I walked,yes walked. Oh it was painful that way too! I just couldn't sit down. Cindy and Mike had me by the arm and Tammy was behind me. I finally made it there and they were all shocked. I thought secretly thanks Adam and Eve,ha! Mike waited outside while they prepped me for surgery.

They put me on the table to do the spinal block. I just couldn't stop shaking because of contractions. It was crazy really! Cindy finally just pulled me to her and pushed me down in a bend position,so Forrest could do the spinal block. Right as he went to do it I thought I felt Daniel coming down,so Cindy checked me really quick,but it wasn't him. Finally, he got the spinal block in and within minutes I was numb. I was glad,but still my mind was racing. I just wanted it to be over with. They let Mike in and he sat beside me,as did Forrest. They begin the surgery. I really don't know how they did it (in detail) and Ido not want to know. I am a wimp when it comes to this kind of stuff seriously. I can't stand blood,needles,or anything medically related. Forrest was talking to me the whole time along with Mike. He was such a good guy! I felt them tug and he asked if I could feel that? I replied with Oh yes. So he cranked up more medicine! I started hemorrhaging during surgery Mike said. Thankfully, I was okay. I heard Daniel Paul cry and I knew it was over! They weighed him really quick and measured him. He was 9 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long. They brought him over to us and he was so cute! He had a head full of black hair and piercing blue eyes. They finished me up and sent me to my room. Cindy and Tammy were there and they latched Daniel on to breastfeed! He fed for 55 minutes. I was in and out of it though. Family was there and they got to see Daniel too. It wasn't what I thought was going to happen,but it was definately how God had it planned. There's not a doubt in my mind now. As it says in Psalm 18:30 As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him. 

It was a rough recovery,but God helped me. Mike took care of Daniel the whole time in the hospital. I was twice as sore as most women are since I labored 42 hours,then had a C-section. He did so good too! He took care of us both. It was a very intimate time and I treasure it. I love my husband so much! We made it home after 3 days in the hospital. Daniel continued to breastfeed,despite some problems with me. I had a time with breastfeeding. We found out a few days after Daniel got here I had inverted nipples. So I got a nipple shield and used it. My milk finally came. It was only God Daniel did not loose more weight than he already had. We decided not to have him circumcised either. He came here just how he was in the womb. No shots or no cuts. When he turned 2 months we had to put him on goat's milk to help him gain weight. He still drinks it too! He's a thriving,healthy,fun little baby boy.

So all in all, I labored 42 hours. I labored 31 hours at home and 11 hours at the hospital. It was such a great experience. I didn't get the vaginal birth I hoped for,but I did do all the things I wanted to be able to do. Next time I won't be so stubborn. Although, I'm reading a book about VBAC's and really want to do that. I'll still use the same 2 women I did because it was totally God I had them. They said Daniel was in a deep tranversial position. I just know God had it planned how He wanted it. It says in Proverbs 16:9 A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

I will have some pictures from his party and all later. I am so blessed!!


  1. I still remember seeing the first pictures of him three years ago. :) It's amazing to think it was that long ago. He's grown into such a handsome little dude! Happy birthday Daniel!

  2. He looks so warm and cuddly in his day old pictures!

    Hope he has a very happy birthday!


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