Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Fave Five

With this meme we look back over our week and pick out the blessings and good things of God. So join Susanne@Living To Tell the Story as we count our blessings.

  1. Time to read some books I have not been able too. I love to read!
  2. The fresh air we had this week. It was nice after all the rain!
  3. The smell of fried chicken,yummy! Particularly, Churches' chicken.
  4. Play time with my boys. They like to get their toy guns and act like the bad guy is after us all ha! So we hide out in their room and they go get him. My 2 cowboys,they are!
  5. Planning our future with my husband. He's really awesome!
It's short and sweet,but I don't have much time this morning! Sorry if I don't comment,I try to read other entries when I can! Be blessed!

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