Saturday, January 22, 2011

Abortion and Life

It was the March For Life in Washington,D.C. today. Unfortunately I have never been,but have friends who have. I long to take our children in the coming years.  I don't hate those who believe the right to abort or those who have had an abortion. The opposite is true, I feel sorry for them and my heart is heavy. How can we choose to play God? It's just not fair. Taking another life no matter if it is in the womb or out of the womb is wrong and no a right or choice. I heard a quote from a man on the radio today. He said when God is God and people are killed or die it's unfair,but when people play God and take an innocent life it's called a choice. Shame on our nation for thinking this way! Continue to pray for our nation as we are still waging this battle against Satan himself,he loves death,unlike our God. 

Jesus, we plead your blood
Over our sins,the sins of our nation
Lord, end abortion,send revival to America. 

Here's a site dedicated to praying for our nation to end abortion. Bound 4 Life,check it out. 


  1. It truly is a battle against Satan. :( But he cannot win as long as we don't give up!

  2. How could any woman who as carried a child under her heart ever say that it is just tissue - a blob? It is life from the moment of conception. We are fighting evil here.

  3. It makes my heart ache too. Especially when I look at the faces of my own children, and think how dull my life would be without my precious babes, God's good gift unto his people.


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