Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Fave Five

Join us as we look back over our week at our blessings. Susanne @ Living to Tell the Story is the creator of this meme. Link up with her and check out others posts.

  1. Dinner on the grounds... We had a wonderful lunch after church on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day for the children to play out on the playground also. I love fellow-shipping with our church family.
  2. Relaxing evening... We didn't have services Sunday evening so we enjoyed it at home. We took naps,had homemade pizza,and watched some movies with the boys.
  3. Comfort foods... I made chili for Wednesday and it was yummy. We had a cold front come through and it was just on time. My guys ate it up!
  4. Home-schooling... It can be exhausting at times,but I am so glad I am doing it. My boys are learning so much. Our curriculum is Bible base (Heart of Dakota) and I love it.
  5. Sweet treats... I caved this week and ate more than my share of Little Debbie Cakes. :-) I love the ones with cream in the middle. The Zebra Cakes. Oh boy. They are so yummy!


  1. Oh, I am a Zebra Cake lover from way back ... I have trouble resisting them, too.

    I love chili, homemade pizza, and dinner on the grounds, too. Glad you had such an enjoyable week!

  2. I don't eat processed desserts so I don't know about the little debbie cakes but YUMMY to chili!! sounds great for a cold evening. That's awesome that you are enjoying your homeschooling days....I LOVE teaching...but i go OUT to the school to do it :) have a good weekend

  3. I love lazy Sundays like the ones you describe. Glad to hear your boys are doing well at their schooling. You're a dedicated mom to be their teacher, too!

    Hope you have a great week ahead -- and fun at the beach!

  4. If the kids are able to play outside your weather must be better then ours ! here it's still cold and wet ! It's sad that your public schools are so bad that you have to teach your children yourself. This is not allowed in Belgium. Children have to go to school !

  5. My favorite Little Debbie's are Swiss Cake Rolls. I don't have them in the house often because it's hard for me to leave them alone!

    We haven't had Dinner on the Grounds for a while, though we did have a brunch the Sunday morning before Christmas. I love eating other people's best goodies while fellowshipping.

  6. I don't know if we get Little Debbie or Zebra cakes. But I know that I splurged and bought a half dozen pecan butter tarts and now I need to do something to counteract those delicious calories!

    Chili and pizza, Yum! Two of my favorites.


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