Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I always have much to be thankful for each day. I like to take the time to write it out each week. Today as I was away from my boys I started missing them. Most day I am just trying to survive and make it to bedtime. I think most Mama's are that way. I am not sure if it is just during the younger years or until they are gone. They drive me nuts some days,but when I am away I miss them and want to hurry back so fast! I am thankful for the gift of Motherhood. It's so stressful,tiring,and exhausting,but it is so rewarding. I love my boys so much. I sacrifice a lot for them daily. I am learning to sacrifice even more. It's not always fun or feels good at the time. God has taught me so much since being a Mother. He has used those little boys to humble me and break me at times. I am thankful He chose my 3 little boys to be mine.

What are you thankful for? Laurie @ Women Taking A Stand is our host this month. Be sure to check her out!


  1. I remember those "most days I'm just trying to survive until bedtime." My husband called 8:00 "the golden hour" because they all went to bed then!

    But they ARE a great blessing, I agree! (Wanted to tell you I visited your FB page and love your jewelry! Maybe when I decide on my mother of the groom dress, I'll see about having something made to go with it for the special day!)

  2. Hi Heather I am visiting from Women Taking A Stand.

    I am thankful for my daughters and granddaughters. Yes it can be exhausting but also so rewarding.

    Bye for now, Darlene


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