Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Fave Five

Join us as we look back at our favorites or blessings from the week. Susanne @ Living to Tell the Story is our host,so be sure to link up with her.

  1. Softball Sunday... Every 4th Sunday when the time changes and the evenings are longer, our church doesn't have night service. We gather back together to grill outside and fellowship. The kids play and the adults do too. I think it just took on the name softball Sunday because the adults played softball. We had a great time this past Sunday. We invite others who don't have anything to do that evening.
  2. Spring cleaning... We did some deep cleaning Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I love to clean! I love the smell of the freshness. My husband steamed cleaned our carpet,which needed it badly. We cleaned windows,the bathroom, and replaced some things. 
  3. Great conversation... We had some friends over Wednesday evening for supper. They go to church with us and have a boy and a girl close to our boys age. Jenn brought a Greek salad and I baked chicken spaghetti. We had a great time!
  4. Resurrection activities... The boys took upon themselves to draw some pictures at breakfast this week. Daniel is a good little artist. They drew some pictures of Jesus on the cross and of the empty tomb. We did role playing last night of the Passover and betrayal of Jesus upon their request. Today we read the first part of the crucifixion and are doing the scene with a Resurrection set I printed out. We have Jesus on the cross and will take him off and put him in the tomb this evening. Sunday morning I am going to take him out and they will look for him. We also watched the Passover,Betrayal,and Crucifixion last night. It's a great animated story I found. We had some good discussions. We don't do eggs,easter bunny,or baskets.
  5. Coffee.. I bought some new coffee today. It's called Seattle's Best. I have been drinking Dunkin' Donuts,but wanted to try something new! I found a great creamer by Bailey's. It's Almond Toffee and it's so good!
  6. Bonus... We are starting Spring Break Monday. They are pretty excited and so am I!
I pray you all reflect and meditate deeply on the crucifixion today and tomorrow. Think of how our Lord suffered so we may be in right standing with God,our Father. How awesome!!! Yet, how sad at the same time. I hate that Jesus had to be put through so much pain for the whole world. My perspective and feelings have changed over the years at how I look and observer this holy time. I pray you know our Lord and know He is risen and He is alive! 


  1. I think it's wonderful your church does a fun evening each week. What a great way to bond and form friendships that go deeper than just joining for a church service on Sunday morning!

    Love the true meaning of Easter activities that you and the kids do. Have you ever made resurrection buns with them?

  2. I loved playing softball many years ago on a church league. How fun to switch it up for your Sunday evenings.
    So thankful for my salvation!
    Happy Easter!

  3. All of your Easter/Resurrection Day activities sound great! I do Easter baskets with my girls and have had "easter egg hunts" when they were little for their friends from SS and neighborhood. The "winner" would be the one to find the empty egg representing the empty tomb. The other eggs would have a scripture tucked inside along with a chocolate mini egg. It was a GREAT way to introduce the non-born again kids to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the TRUE meaning of Easter. I love that you are teaching the Truth to your boys!! And coffee....YUMMY. I like DD AND Seattle's Best but my absolute fave brand is Green Mountain. Enjoy the weekend

  4. Susanne, we are making those today or tomorrow. Resurrection rolls? I can't wait!

  5. Great list! We are spring cleaning this week and I'm so excited.


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