Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Fave Five

Sometimes my week is rough. Motherhood can be exhausting for sure,so looking back at the positives helps me each week. 

  1. Longer evenings... We enjoyed a beautiful evening Sunday before night service. We went to a friend's and took a ride on the Benche (sort of like a Gator,not sure if you know what I mean). It was beautiful and so breezy. I love being outside. It's a favorite of mine. Time changed this weekend,so now we get longer evenings and it's nice.
  2. Signs of spring... I do love cold weather and the Winter season,but I need Spring, in more than one way. Last year was a rough year for me and it effected the family also. Feminine issues plagued me and finally I am seeing the light. It will be like turning over a new leaf literally. The beautiful days have been so refreshing!
  3. New hair do... I went this past Wednesday for some highlights. It's only about the 3rd time in 10 years that I have done them. I wanted some lighter color. My hair used to be cotton top and it was that way until the pregnancy years. I miss it. So I did some "fake" color. I really love it!
  4. Local cafe shops... While I was out getting my hair highlighted, I stopped at a friend's bread/coffee shop. Oh it is such a good place. They are a Christian family and very delightful too! I had a lemon bar with Costa Rican Smooth coffee.
  5. Conversations... My 5 year old and I had a great one today. I was folding clothes and we talked about animals. He is so cute. He was asking all sorts of questions. I love him and how he is getting more mature and smarter.

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  1. Oh, getting a different hair style can be so uplifting!

    I love the longer evenings, too, and also the feeling of spring in the air. It just does something for me, too. I think it rejuvenates you and gives you new energy. I also think spring feels like a new beginning. Maybe because Easter is this time of year.

    Heather, you should write down all the cute things your boys say. Believe me, by the time they are teenagers, you'll have forgotten some of their sayings. I wrote down some of my girls' sayings ... but not near enough ...


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