Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Word-Filled Wednesday

Share a verse that encourages,inspires,comforts,or convicts you! Join us @Internet Cafe Devotions for Word-Filled Wednesday.

I love this verse! My husband will be gone for a few days this weekend. So I really needed this verse. It always seems empty without him here and I get frantic at times. With no family in town and being careful who we are friends with, it leaves me home alone with the boys. So it can get hairy! :) I ask for your prayers for peace over myself,my boys,and my husband. He will be on a detail for work. I just want peace and strength to face anything that may come my way. I don't expect anything terrible,but Daniel waking up wanting his Daddy at 3 in the morning is not the best. Especially if he doesn't want to go back to sleep in his own room. Soo just pray I will handle it accordingly and peace will be on us all. Thank you so much! Join us and share some scripture,without or with a picture! 


  1. I pray abundant peace for you, your husband and your children. This is a great promise to hold onto, and I know He will see you through the weekend with favor and grace!

  2. I love that verse and the Author of it will give you over and above all that you need. Nothing that will happen in those days comes as a surprise to Him..He goes before.

    I love that picture and I normally hate that color pink.....just as well some of my quilting mates cannot read that comment from me.....LOL

  3. True peace only comes from Him... Praise the Lord...

  4. prayers for peace...peace...and more peace...
    Love this verse and love this image!

    Transcending peace...may it be yours!

  5. What a beautiful picture and scripture to go with it...

    I pray peace and wisdom for you too... I was a single mother for many years, with no family around, so I remember all too well the hectiness of it all!

  6. I love the picture and the Scripture you shared with us today. I love that you look to the Bible for wisdom, direction and peace while your husband is out of town.

  7. Beautiful photo to compliment one my favorite verses. Father, I pray that your peace and protection would cover Heather and family. In Jesus name.

  8. Praying for His peace for you. It's always a bit lonely when my husband is gone . . . even the little things seem big sometimes.


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