Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five! I couldn't get the picture to upload for some stinking reason. But Susanne@Living to tell the Story is the host and she has a great list for faves! Check her out and join us!

    • The temps have cooled down again and rain is on the way!
    • Me and my little men have been walking some more in the mornings and it's so nice!
    • We had awesome services at church this past week with a guest preacher talking about spiritual warfare.
    • We have been seeing some fruits of labor from our 2 year old regarding discipline and obeying.
    • I have family coming down today and tomorrow to see us! :) 
It has been a great week and looking for a great weekend filled with food,family,football,and God of course! :) Join in today!


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying cool weather and walks with your little guys! It's a great time of year, isn't it?

    It's always a wonderful thing to see discipline pay off. Keep up the good work!

    Have a great weekend with your family!

  2. I'm enjoying your fff a little late but that is what happens sometimes.

    I noticed also that not just the cooler weather is upon us but by one degree each day cooler. I want to put it on hold as I have yard work to do.

    My children aren't as young as yours perhaps there is 20 years between ours, lol. It doesn't matter the end result is the same good feeling when you see they are listening and their skills working within.

    And just in time for your family visit.

  3. I used to love going for walks with the kids when they were little. They see everything through such fresh little eyes. Such fun enjoying the world as they see it.

    Visiting relatives is nice. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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