Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Wow,what a week already! Yesterday I found out the knot under my arm was an abscess and was infected. So they slit the knot,then drained it of all the junk. OUCH! I almost passed out when he told me what they had to do right then and there. I have 2 more trying to come up. He said take the antibiotics he gave me and put very warm compresses on them.  My arm was so sore because of the infection I could not lift it. I am thankful for Doctors who diagnose the problem right. I'm not really big on Doctor's now days,but this one told me the truth. They have no clue where infection comes from,or mine anyway. God gave me the strength to make it through the procedure. Oh my. He had to numb it first and that hurt the worst. It was in my arm pit. Thank God I found out what it was and got it taken care of. Prayers would be appreciated! I just want the others gone and to stay gone!!

I am also thankful for my husband. He has been helping out so much since we found out I was pregnant due to me being very tired. When I came home yesterday he helped out even more. My arm was still sore from the cutting. He's a wonderful man! He could have just let me do it all myself,but he didn't. I love him so much! I am blessed!

It is Veteran's Day and I am so thankful for those who have fought and are still fighting for our freedom!! Thank God men and women have a desire to do this. May we never forget their sacrifice or the Lamb of God's sacrifice on the cross!

Join us for Thankful Thursday. Laurie@Women Taking A Stand is our host for this month,so check out her post and link up!


  1. yikes! i had that experience once. yup, i thought i was going to pass out too when the doctor told me that she had to slit it to drain the pus out. i was biting a pillow and put my head under another pillow just so the people outside won't hear me scream. oh boy, i had the procedure without anesthesia.

    anyhoo, glad you're okay in general.

    stay blessed.

  2. Sounds very painful. I hope the others clear up.
    You are blessed to have such a helpful husband. I love that mine helps me out so much too. Tonight I was folding clothes and he cooked supper

  3. I'm glad it is cleared up. Praying the other two don't crop up! You are so blessed with Mike. Guys like him are a rare find! :)

  4. Hi Heather,
    Bless your heart. My husband is a Corpsman and tells me all kinds of stories about stuff like this. I pray the rest dissolve and are no longer an issue for you!

    Thank you for sharing Praying Wives Club with your ladies.

    Have a sweet day!

    Cherie :)


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