Monday, November 15, 2010

A Simple Woman's Day Book

Outside my window... The rain is falling and sounds ever so sweet! It's not the thunderstorm rain,just light rain falling. I love it!
I am thinking...about my pregnancy and the end of it. I am so ready to know what we are having and to have that bundle in my arms. 
I am thankful health. There are so many that are really sick and I am healthy. Despite some boils I had last week I feel much better.  
From the kitchen... We didn't have much for breakfast. :-/ I am cooking lunch soon though. Chicken sandwiches,baked fries,and macaroni & cheese!
I am wearing...some lounge pants and a t-shirt
I am creating... a list of candies I want to do for Christmas.
I am going... out for groceries tomorrow and to do some shopping with my Mama for my hubby.
I am reading...The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson still 
I am hoping...the blah goes away soon from the 1st trimester; that today we can relax and play.
I am hearing...nothing,but the rain falling. :)
Around the house...I need to go through maternity clothes and figure out what I can wear and the floors need to be vacuumed.
One of my favorite ;-) We had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches this morning.
A few plans for the rest of the week: get groceries,shop,and hopefully get some family portraits doen.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

God's promises are true!!


  1. I enjoy days when a light rain is falling, especially if I don't have to get out in it! It just seems cosy to stay in when it rains.

    Going through maternity is an enjoyable job! I know you are excited with all kinds of plans and dreams for this baby!

    God bless, and enjoy those comfort foods you're having today - mac and cheese sounds yummy to me!

  2. I remember those days - so anxious to feel and know this new baby! So glad you're arm is better! Praying that the first trimester blahs will soon be over! Oh - and I'm so glad you have wondeful midwife - I loved mine! :)

  3. That picture is so pretty! I was thinking of making candies for Christmas too.

  4. I love your new blog design! I've missed you sooooo!! I am so excited for the new baby!! What a wonderful journey!!!


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