Saturday, August 28, 2010

Too Sweet

1.Thank the person who gave it to you.-Thanks Rachel. She is a new friend and has a pretty awesome blog!
2. Copy Award to your blog.
3. List 3 things that you love about yourself. -
  • I am determined in life. 
  • My hair,yes, I love my straight hair lol 
  • Ability to weather through hard times.
4. Post a picture on your blog that you love.

We visited Dauphin Island not long ago with some friends and had a blast!

5. Pass the award onto 5 other inspirational people.
  1. Lynn @ Spiritually Unequal Marriage
  2. Laurie @ Women Taking A Stand
  3. Cassie @ Inside My Mind
  4. Christina @ Christina Channell,Aspiring Birth Doula
  5. Jenifer @ By His Grace In His Word Ministries
I love alL my bloggers,but I could only pick 5. Thanks again Rachel!


  1. Aww. That's so sweet that you got the award :-)

  2. You deserve this award. :) Congratulations!


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