Monday, August 9, 2010

At the Well- If We Are the Body?

This week is the last of our At the Well study We Are the Body. It's been a great study for me and lots of insight. I am usually introverted in big settings and our church is big. So yeah!

What have you learned over these last several weeks about being a part of the body of Christ? Has there been one thing that has affected you the most or that you’ve taken away from this time of study?

Well, since we have moved here to Alabama and after the first child we did not get to go to church as much. Just due to Mike's schedule(he's a State Trooper) and living 30 minutes away,then just the newness of parenthood. After Daniel got to 6 or 7 months we started back again,but once we had Aaron we haven't gotten back to going regularly. During this time God has showed us that sometimes you don't have a body you are a part of regularly,but it is very needed! It has been a struggle. When we lived in Mississippi, I was on the drama team and involved a lot at church. But I was single and had no kids. It was easier. Now, it takes more effort and I think that is good. Anything that is worth something takes effort. 

This study has helped me realize it isn't so much about me just going out front for the sermon,but being consistent with going to church. Our church runs about 700-900 and they prefer the kids in the back. They have a great program for the kids and all,but we don't leave our babies in the nursery. So that puts me in the nursery with Aaron and Mike out front. God can use me back there and I am still apart of the body back there. Who knows how God may minister to me back there or use me? I'm a new Mom and most of the ladies in the nursery are seasoned Moms. The last couple of weeks have been rough and we had intended on going,but with death and sickness it has been hard. Starting Sunday we are back on track though. We need each other. Prayer is a powerful thing and if no one knows you need it,then what? I am thankful for the ladies At the Well and for Gina who took time to share this study with us and her heart. I love that blog and it's purpose! 

We cannot do this alone! We have to bad together and stand behind one another! God Bless! 


  1. Wow that is a big church! How can the Pastor effectively shepherd a flock so big?

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart! I agree that God can use us in different ways, depending on our season of life. Can you hear the sermon in the nursery, or play it online afterward?


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