Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday- Safety and Security

I love this meme! Our host for this month is Lynn @ Spiritually Unequal Marriage.  She has another wonderful entry about God bringing us out of our comfort zone. Be blessed by her openness!

I have a story to go along with my post. I'll start off with that,which leads me to why I am thankful today. Monday night I was in the boys room taking down a walk-in play Sheriff house since Daniel isn't using it right now. Daniel protested,but I told him we were getting him a car bed soon and this had to go to make room for his bed. He darted off to our room where he his air mattress is and started bringing his pillows to his room where I was. I told him no not yet son! He persisted until he got the pillows and his blanket in his room. I told him we didn't have the car bed right now,but asked him if he wanted to sleep in here anyways? He shook his little head yes. I explained to him that Mama and Daddy would not be in here with him to sleep,but Jesus would keep him safe and warm. He then shakes his head again and runs to the living room saying Jesus,Jesus (not so plain,but I knew what he was saying) pointing to the picture of Jesus,Mary,and Martha. So Mike asked him if he wanted that picture in his room and he shook his head yes. He brought it to me and then went back in the living room and was pointing to a cross (with the names of God) on it trying to say cross. So Mike took that one and gave it to him too. I explained to him again that we would not be sleeping in the room with him,but Jesus would be right there with him. I told him if he needed us he could just come to our room(right next door) and get us. So Mike put him to sleep and he has slept in there every night since. He turns his "trooper" night light on (he wants to be just like his Daddy) and makes sure Jesus and the cross are there before he goes to bed. Isn't that amazing? We started talking to him about Jesus and God when he turned about 13 or 14 months. Since October of last year he was really beginning to understand it seemed and would try to say Jesus. Since then I started telling him how Jesus died on the cross for his sins,my sins,Daddy's sins,and Aaron's sins. I told him Jesus died for everyone when they do bad things and he wants to help them not do bad things. It's amazing that he took my word for it Monday night. I told him Jesus would keep him safe and warm and that was it! He had enough security in Mike and I to trust what we told him. He felt safe without us in here as long as Jesus was with him. I was a happy Mama! They realize and understand more than we will ever know!

So I'm thankful not only for the safety and security that I feel through my Savior,but also that my child feels it and he hasn't even accepted Christ into his heart! I always pray Lord, let us plant seeds in our children so that you may water them to grow and soften their hearts towards You and Your word! God is marvelous! We should feel safe and secure in His arms and in His presence! Have a blessed Thursday!


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