Monday, April 12, 2010

At the Well- Abba Father

I am so delighted to be back At the Well for our study!! I missed it so much! It's such an amazing study!! I hate that this is our last week too. I have really enjoyed getting to know more of you ladies and for ya'll get know me more. It has been a wonderful journey discovering the wonderful names of our Lord!! I pray all of you continue to know Him more and more!

Today's Discussion Question: How much do you look like your Father today? Do you stand out from the world or are you blending in like a chameleon hiding from its prey?

I pray I resemble my Father a lot,but I know I need to resemble Him much more. I desire His patience and long suffering with my children and husband. I desire His love with those who I do not know . And I desire His grace and mercy for those who I do not think deserves them. God is the essence of love. Loving my children and my husband are resembling my Father,but He also loves the unlovable ones and that I desire to do also.

I can say that I do stand out from the world. I may not look very different. I wear clothes like they do,have long,blonde hair like a lot of women,and get around the same as most do, in a vehicle. But if you ask me what we watch on our t.v., I'll let you know quickly it is very monitored. If it is not pleasing to the Lord,it isn't on our t.v. If you ask me what is my favorite music? Music that honors God and music that is fun without the vulgarity of the secular music. If you ask me how do I make it day to day? I will tell you no other way,but with the help,grace,love,mercy,and a list of God's attributes working in and through my life. If you ask me what I deem most important, I'll tell serving my Lord,loving my husband till death do us part,and raising our children to love and walk with Jesus till death finds them. We stand out as a family too. I've always wanted to be different,it's just something that burns within me. I believe it is a fire God put there to be different for His glory and fame! Not my own or my families! We are to be a strange people. That doesn't mean you have to sport Jesus t-shirts,wear no make up,wear tons of make up,or anything else. You dress modest as God commands,but ultimately your heart with come out in your lifestyle and everyday actions. That is what the world is supposed to notice about us. When they get to know us,they say hey something is different about them and they don't mind it. So stand out and show this world what God can do for them! Show them it is fun being a follower of God! We should serve Him because we love too,not because we are forced too! 

God bless you ladies! God bless you hard working ladies At the Well! God bless you Jenifer for this amazing study!! love you all!!

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