Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Fave Five

I love being able to blog a little more!! :) Join Susanne@Living to Tell the Story for a reflection of your week.

  1. I got to crop all my pictures I was so behind on. I LOVE taking pictures and editing them. I have all of them caught up and I can do special touches to them now.
  2. Caramel Frappe. Enough said. ;) My husband brings me them to me at night when he gets off,not every night,but boy they are tasty!
  3. Hearing my boys say their verses. Daniel is really taking them in. Aaron repeats here and there. It makes me so happy. I want my boys rich in the Word of God! 
  4. Cooler temps when I woke up this morning. We will be in the upper 50's this weekend at night,that is. Not even close to winter yet. :)
  5. Meeting new people through my blog and Twitter. It's so awesome meeting ladies that love the Lord and share things for us all to be encouraged and challenged by!
I hope you all have a great weekend!! If I do not comment back on your blog,I'm sorry. I usually write and then have to get off to take care of the boys. 3 to be exact. :) One day I will be able to do more blogging though,right now I need to enjoy my babies.


  1. oh yes!! you absolutely must take care of thos baby boys! they grow so quickly!! thanks for commenting on MY blog....and i love all your faves....except for the caramel frappe. I prefer mocha :)

  2. I love blogging for those very reasons. On the same token it's great that you keep your priorities, those sweet boys and your family, first. Sometimes it's hard not to be taken over with the fun of blogging.

    Caramel Frappe. Yum, think I'll go get one today.

  3. My daughter spends hours editing her pictures. I wish I could learn more from her, but she's not a very patient teacher and I'm not a very available student. ha. So I just ask her to take pictures for me many times.

    That's great that your boys are memorizing the Word. It's a blessing that will last them for a lifetime.

    I agree that it's been wonderful meeting fellow Christians through blogging! I've been amazed and delighted with sisters that God has connected me with.

    Yes, your priorities are to enjoy your babies!

  4. I enjoy cooler weather too.

    I wish I enjoyed editing my pix. I don't like learning technical things.

    Do you put the pictures in physical albums or in a digital format? Your family is blessed to have such a dedicated photographer of special moments. Be sure to get photos of you too!

    Yes, take care of your children. There will be plenty of time to comments on blogs. Or maybe we will be interacting on a different medium by them.

    Have a blessed week.


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