Monday, September 9, 2013

What Matters Most

When I was a younger I wanted to be good at something. I never really was growing up. I wasn't a sports girl,I wasn't in the band or cheer leading,and I wasn't artistic. I always felt like I just wasn't good at anything. I longed to be though. While in college I joined the drama (human videos) team at our church at the time. I had finally found a place I fit it. I loved ministering on the weekends and some during the week with the Joshua Generation. We saw powerful services where God really did touch people's hearts. It was so awesome. Once I married and moved I had to, of course, step down from the team.

I thought I will be good at being a wife and my husband said I was even when I failed badly.  I do feel I have come a long way in my role as a wife,though I still have a lot of room for improvement. When I became a Mom, I still struggled with wanting to be good at something that seemed significant. I learned to make jewelry in college and I did that off and on until I had children. I just didn't have time when I become a new Mother and put it away. I tell everyone that with our first son we were just trying to survive. Two years ago I started making jewelry again. I thought I would hit it big and lots of people would buy things. I wanted to offer pretty things at an affordable price and I wanted to earn a little money to help ends meet. Well, I was doing more give-a-ways than selling jewelry. Once again I just couldn't find the time to make and make and make. So I had to put it away. I felt like I failed.

I have always loved to write and I started a blog a few years back in 2008. I had time to write,but not much to write about. Now,that I have been through the ringer a little bit  I have things to write about,but not much time. I dreamed of becoming a professional writer. Ahh to impact the world with my words,my struggles,and my joys. I realize now that I do not have time for that,not like I need too. I can still write,but I can't dedicate enough time to it like I need too. So... what am I good at that is significant?

I thought about this a couple weeks ago. What do I do good that is having a significant impact? I was cleaning the bath tub when it hit me. I am good at home making. I am good at balancing the priorities of home. It sure doesn't sound too wonderful to most. I have friends who ask how do I do it? How do you keep a home clean,tend to children,and still have time to spend with your husband? Plan,schedule,and plan some more. I don't plan because I am organized,I plan because it helps me stay organized. I am good at making cleaning schedules,scheduling play time,scheduling hubby time,and scheduling me time. I learned if you do not plan things,they will more than likely not happen. If you want a birthday party for someone, you don't just wait for people to invite themselves,the cake to bake itself,or the decorations to decorate the place. You have to plan it out. So it is with our lives. I don't plan everything to a tee,but I do plan most of what we do around the house.

I felt proud (in a good way) that I was good at something that was significant and I am only good at it because of the Lord. I had never cleaned much before I got married. I had never done laundry or washed many dishes or cooked much. I had to learn how and learned to love it. I love making my home suitable for us to live in. I love to cook meals that fill our bellies. I love to sit in the floor and play with my boys. I fail very much,so I am not saying I am good all the time. There are days where I do not clean the bath tub like I planned. There are days where I beg my boys to go play by themselves so I can get something done that is way over due. There are days I just want to give up. I look at my husband and my boys and I can't. God has given me so much to be happy about. I couldn't possibly just quit.

I'm good at making jewelry or writing,but that doesn't necessarily make me significant. I kept looking for something that others recognized as significant and that is something I struggle with even now. I know I shouldn't. My husband loves that I stay at home. He tells me countless times that he is glad I want to stay at home and school and take care of our boys. He tells me he is glad I clean and keep the house up like I do. Really, his opinion should matter if anyone's.

We are called to do whatever we do for the Lord. Whether you are flipping burgers,writing checks,taking orders,cleaning up your home,or writing books, do it all for the glory of the Lord. Our lives are a reflection of Him,or they are supposed to be.

Be encouraged that God says what makes you significant. If you are seeking His face and seeking to honor Him in your life, it is significant and no one can say otherwise.

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