Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our September

I've slacked off of my writing lately. My blog will always be here and if it isn't, then it wasn't that important. I do want to still write some,but just not every day like I was trying to do. I loved having guest bloggers too. I want to still and try do that some. Thank you for all who do read my humble writings.

So here is what has been happening around here lately....

  • Our boys caught some kind of virus that has been causing a stir. They caught a virus that was causing mucus and that was causing bronchospasms at night. It's been something we have never experienced and never want too again. We saw 2 Doctors and 2 Chiropractors and none could pin point it or they just wouldn't say. We suspect viral asthma and it will go away. It's been 4 weeks since it began with our oldest and the virus has about run it's course. The younger 2 are going into the second week of it. They have been improving though after we started giving them a honey and lemon concoction. Thank God for His natural herbs and fruits. Prayers are still appreciated for them and us. My faith was rocked that's for sure. I questioned so much. It's hard to explain what they were doing,but it was terrifying. I just got discouraged and down. Thank God for other believers who encouraged me and for my husband who would not let me give up.
  • We went to Texas for vacation last week. With the spasms we weren't sure about going that far,but we decided to make the trip. The spams were not going to kill them and there was nothing we could do here that we couldn't do there. We left last Tuesday evening with some friends. Oh it was so much fun! We went last year and it was our first vacation. Some family friends live out there and love us like their own. We spent Wednesday,Thursday,and Friday out on Lake Livingston. They have a home right there on the lake. It was beautiful and peaceful. I could have stayed there a little longer. We left Saturday morning for home. Our boys had so much fun!! I just love watching their faces light up with joy. We are so grateful for the people God has put in our life. We are so blessed with people who are willing to open up their homes to us. 
  • I have been planning for school to start. We started this past Monday. My oldest is 5 1/2 and my second oldest is 3 1/2. My oldest started history,science,and some math. I love our curriculum too. It's simple and hands on. It's all Bible based,which I love. So far so good. I have only a few goals. The main two are: for my boys to learn more about the Word of God and for learning to be fun. They're small and we never stop learning. We are always playing and doing things,we just don't do formal school year round. I'm just thankful to be able to teach our boys our morals and the Word of God.
So that's our September so far. I will share a couple of pictures with you all. I pray you are having a great month so far!

Daniel and Aaron ready to have some fun.

The view that greeted us each morning. Breathtaking!

I love this shot.

The beautiful lake.

Johnathan enjoying the boat.

Aaron coloring his page.

Doing a craft with the letter A.

Daniel doing some work.

Daniel's collage representing Jesus as the center of history.

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