Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday-Pictures

I am thankful for a camera and God's creation. There is so much to capture in the lens of a camera! Never take fore granted your sight to see His beauty. I have been playing around with my new camera. It's by far a professional one,but it has some neat features. I LOVE taking pictures! I would love to take some classes one day and use them for my own personal use. I'm by far a professional either,but I love to do it. 

I placed the acorn and flower in the branches. Thought it was a neat shot.

I used the Super Vivid mode with this picture. It is so great! Oh and Aaron LOVES when the dog lick him,go figure!

I like how it's focused on the acorn and the background is a blur.

Love this picture! Great angle and in Super Vivid mode.

Another one I like.

This is the Poster effect. I really love this picture!

I like this too. Daniel's feet with mine.

This is a favorite one too!!

I love how the colors are so bright here!

Trying to do some sun pictures. I like this one.

This is just something in our home. I like it.

I love how the color looks here. 

Anyways. Just sharing some of my joy!! Hope to get more this afternoon at my parents! Blessings! This is my normal Thankful Thursday entry,but I like to shake it up a little! Join Iris@Grace Alone and share your thankfulness!


  1. Lovely pictures! I like the fish decoration.

  2. loved your pictures my favorite the big feet leading the little feet as in life

  3. Great pics! You have a lovely blog. I'm visiting with Thankful Thursday from Doorkeeper at Blessings!


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