Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Raising My Boys

I haven't been blogging much lately,it's not that I don't have things to say,just not the time to do it. I think we will be cutting the Internet and t.v. off for good. We tried the new package,but it was not the price they said. With gas going up and buying more groceries. We just have to cut somewhere. I will still have my blog and access with my husband's computer,so don't leave me!! :) You can get in touch with me through Twitter or email also. Just ask for either.

We have been enjoying a touch of Spring here in South Alabama. A little too warm for me though. I like the 60's  during the day and a nice breeze. We have been trying to prioritize the best we can with our schedule. It's a little difficult with Mike's job and schedule. We started reading the Bible together with Daniel (and Aaron is he is awake) yesterday. We have 2 children's Bibles for Daniel that we use. Then we read some out of one of our Bibles. We are aiming to do this everyday,whether it be day or night. He sits out in front with us at church and does well. We're also letting him pray when he wants. It's amazing how much they take in at this age. We really want to move back "home" and have more contact with family. We're also aiming for that as well. So that means cutting back on somethings that we don't need. We aren't entirely sure what the Lord holds for our future,He usually never lets us know with a lot of notice. We go a day at a time,a week at a time,and a month at a time. We see things He wants for us,just have to do our part to make them happen,of course with His help. We've learned a lot in the 4 1/2 years we have been married. We are learning even more being parents.

One thing I want my boys to do is obey God and learn to do it without delay,complaining,and do it cheerfully. I want them to know Jesus personally and talk to him daily. If they sin,I want them to know they can go to him and confess it and still have communion with him. I also want them to know that is the same with us. We can't forgive their sins in the sense that Jesus can,but I want them to know when they sin,they can come to us and confess it and still have a relationship with us. So many things race through my mind when I think about them growing up. Ahh it can be overwhelming. I want to put them in a bubble and keep them safe from all things,but that is smart and just can't happen. I can pray for them,teach them through Word and example,and let them make some decisions on their own. I have been asking God to help me grow in patience with them and kindness. Not that I am not patient at times and not kind,but I want to be more. I lack patience A LOT with my boys. You say something a million times in an hour and it's like are they even listening? I know God thinks this about me,so I want to be patient with them. They are learning day by day and I have to be consistent,just like staying in the Word. If I don't stay consistent in it,then I will not know it or live it or desire it. There is so much to learn while being a parent. I'm not only raising my boys,God is still raising me. It's amazing really.

Both boys are good. Daniel is so bright and vibrant. He is so happy (he has his moments,don't get me wrong) and cheerful most of the time. He is all boy! Love trucks,dinosaurs,dirt,and the outside. He is so sweet at times. He is really excited about Johnathan,but I don't think he understands Johnathan one day will be in his stuff just as Aaron is now. :) He will kiss my belly and say I love you Johnathan. His little spirit is already picking up on evil and righteous and things of God. Aaron he is a mess! He's such a Momma's baby! He loves to dance to God Rocks and just dance period! He's going to be our praiser and Daniel is our warrior. Aaron is very affectionate and sentimental. It's funny how TOTALLY different they are now. Aaron is a talker too,he started saying things at 14 months. It's hard to believe I will have 1 more in June. I wonder a lot what Johnathan will look like and be like. I know it feels great being a Mother,Mama,or Mommy. When I go to get groceries and I make it back home,they just attack me with hugs and Mama. That's usually the longest time I'm away from them,or if I am on a date with my hubby. It's a big task and challenge to raise boys this day and age,girls as well. But men are the head of the houses and it's intimidating. I also want to home school and that is intimidating too. I want my boys to be smart,of course,in books,but I want them to primarily, be schooled in the Word. What we teach them by the Word and action, will help mold them and help them make choices. I want them to seek God in all they do and know He has a purpose for them. To come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and then lead others to Jesus through word and action. I want them to seek a righteous life as Jesus led. You don't have to go overseas to do big things,as I used to think. I want them to serve God wherever life takes them. If they play professional sports,if they build houses,work at a bank,or so on. Live for God,seek God,and apply His truths to their life.

My husband and Daddy will be wonderful,Godly,manly examples to my boys. Neither are sophisticated or well versed in lots of schooling,but one thing they do is seek God and His purification daily. They aren't afraid to say they messed up and need forgiveness. I want my boys to be as Daniel was,he was the smartest in the land at his time. Who knows if he had schooling,he had God's law though and that put him far above the others. Our main goal as parents is to help our boys know who Jesus is and show them the way to the cross. In that I mean read the Word to them and pray the Spirit brings them to the knowledge of their sin and they repent of it,then asking Jesus to be Lord of their life. That is all that matters,but it doesn't end there. Living for Him daily and being the man God wants them to be to others also matters. It's challenging,but I thank God I don't have to do it alone. I have God,Jesus,and my husband. I am blessed.

I had a lot more written,but blogger decided to delete it..... It was me pouring my heart out,so I can't re-write that. Not fair,blogger.

Alright, I am off now. I love pouring my heart out!

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  1. I liked reading this. You are a good mama to those boys. We want many of the same things for our children :)


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